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What Specialty Coffee Is Trending in 2022?

What Specialty Coffee Is Trending in 2022? 

2022 is set to be another huge year for coffee. There are more varieties of coffee available to the everyday consumer than ever before, and coffee lovers are becoming much better when it comes to brewing and preparing their own coffee at home. 

So, in the coffee shops as well as within peoples’ homes, what are some of the specialty coffee trends to look out for in 2022? 

What is Specialty Coffee?

Before we delve into some of the trends, it is important to make sure we’ve got a clear definition of what specialty coffee actually is. 

Coffee is graded by a licensed Q grader, when it is given a score on a scale of 0-100. Within this scoring system, it must get 80 points or above from a certified taster. Only then can coffee be classed as a “specialty coffee”. Of course, with this scoring system in mind, the higher the rating that can be achieved, the better the coffee is likely to be. The same system applies for a lot of competitions. 

Specialty coffee used to make up just 9% of the daily coffee consumption in the USA and in the UK, but this figure is around 35% today. People are demanding more from their coffees. So, what are some of the trending specialty coffees? 

Trending Specialty Coffee For 2022

Let’s look into some of the varieties of coffee that are already trending and we expect to continue well into 2022.

Guatemala El Socorro Beans 

These specialty coffee beans are award-winning, and their extremely high score has made the beans very sought-after. However, these beans are in relatively short supply so expect to pay a premium for them. 

The El Socorro beans won the “Cup of Excellence” award, and are famous for their fruit-first flavors. You’ll get notes of currants and cherries as well as the sweetness of apricots. The aftertaste is surprisingly fresh and sweet, too. 

The farm where they are grown is a fourth-generation Guatemalan farm with a family who are passionate about the craft of coffee, so it is little wonder that the taste they have created is among the very best we are likely to see in the industry moving forward. 

Images: Coffee Friend 

Bolivia Calama (and Other Bolivian Coffees) 

This is just one example of beautiful coffee beans grown in Bolivia. The Calama region is one of the areas near La Paz that is growing in popularity. 

This specialty coffee is another to come from a small family farm, run by Luis Fernandez. The beans are washed and dried in hammocks sitting in the sun, so traditional methods are employed to create a beautiful taste. The SCA agrees, and the coffee scores 88/100 on their scale. 

Tasting notes include vanilla and pears as well as dried fruit. 

Though the Calama is another of the more scarce coffees out there, Bolivian coffee, in general, is rather underrated, so don’t be surprised to see more of these coffees in your local coffee shop, and don’t be afraid to experiment with them at home. 

Ethiopia Sidamo 

Sidamo beans are another variety you might be hearing a lot more about. The Ethiopian region is home to this high-scoring coffee bean that is perfect not just for filter coffees, it makes a beautiful barista bean, meaning it can form the base of a latte or cappuccino to great effect. 

The SCA scored this bean 82.5/100, but it is not in as scarce supply as the other varieties on this list. 

The flavors are complex and you can enjoy sweet stone fruit flavors and dried fruit aromas, as well as a gently sweet aftertaste. The coffee evolves as you drink it. This is ideal for experimenting with a few different preparation methods. 

Other Coffee Trends 

As well as trends within specialty coffee for 2022 include: 

  • A switch to plant-based milks. There is a growing demand for plant-based milk options rather than cow milk. 
  • Sustainability. The coffee industry has a huge global impact and it is natural that the bigger companies out there are starting to make more strides toward sustainability, including more effective packaging. 
  • Subscription services. As people want variety, there is every chance of them moving towards a subscription service to get sent new and exciting coffees monthly. 
  • Cold coffee brewing. Cold brew has been popular for a number of years now, so it is not a brand new phenomenon, but it is likely that cold brew coffee will continue to grow in popularity and become more commonplace in homes and coffee shops.  
  • Canned and bottled coffee. In the same ilk, people can buy coffee such as cold brew concentrate and even cans of cold brew online or from local stores. 

The world of specialty coffee is one you can enjoy in coffee shops as well as within your own home, and it doesn’t take much to learn how to brew a beautiful beverage at home, a vast upgrade from instant coffee or low-grade beans that were once commonplace.