coppa club



“A perfect place for after-work drinks, weekend brunch with friends, or even a remote-working session in a vibrant atmosphere.”

November last year, Coppa Club opened its second London venue in Putney, next to yet another famous bridge (the previous one neighbours with Tower Bridge). With ambitions to host speaker events and discussions as well as a fabulous menu and eclectic interiors, the venue appears promising. And, of course, it has igloos, the hottest trend for coldest days. But even if you’re not lucky enough to book them in time (they sell out FAST), the restaurant is just lovely, with massive windows overlooking the Thames and Putney Bridge.  

Whilst perusing the menu, my companion and I fully revelled in the atmosphere. Coppa Club Putney is colourful and vibrant, and it comprises several different areas, including comfy nooks, desks perfect to WFH (WFR?) large tables for family parties, a library snug area, a terrace and, of course, igloos of Instagram fame.  

The menu features a variety of British and Mediterranean (-inspired) dishes, such as a selection of tasty pastas (Devon crab linguine, anyone?), dry aged sirloin and sourdough pizza. Since we arrived quite early, my companion and I both opted for brunch. And a brilliant choice it was, with perfectly done fried eggs, crispy bread, delish sausages, fantastic grilled tomatoes and, my firm favourite, mouthwatering black pudding. My friend quickly wolfed down her stack of pancakes proving that it tasted just as good as it looked.  

As for something to sip on, the cocktail range isn’t overly wide but Coppa has some solid choices available. My citrus Paloma was pretty much perfect, not too sweet and not too sour, decorated with a lovely flower. After a hefty brunch, we were not sure if we still had room for something sweet – but Coppa’s menu quickly activated our dessert stomachs. Pecan pie was otherworldly, sweet, crunchy and warm, with a scoop of honeycomb ice cream. My friend’s flourless chocolate cake was equally delish.  

All in all, Coppa Club is a perfect place for after-work drinks, weekend brunch with friends, or even a remote-working session in a vibrant atmosphere. If it is the igloo you’re after, get booking fast, as it sells out in minutes.