Giggling Squid Wandsworth

Giggling Squid Wandsworth Review

Giggling Squid Wandsworth Review

We warmed up a chilly winter’s evening with a delivery from Giggling Squid’s Deliveroo-only kitchen

You know your meal is going to be good when you can smell it before you see it. This was the case with a recent delivery from Giggling Squid Wandsworth, a new Deliveroo-only kitchen. Approaching the door, the aromas of our cold winter’s night saviour were nose-clearingly distinguishable, casting a comfort blanket over yet another dreary December evening indoors.

Appeasing the fussiest of brumotactillophobes, the restaurant packages their food in distinctive containers featuring separate sections for the different meal and dish components – all recyclable, of course.

First up, an unadventurous opt for the satay chicken. However, rather than being greeted by the viscous, peanutty sauce we had expected, the dish appeared to be a healthier take on the family favourite. Thin chunks of chicken breast heavily seasoned in ginger and lemongrass warmed the mouth and beyond – an unexpected version of the dish, but a delicious one that was appreciated in its lightness with the mountain of pungent main course dishes lined up on the kitchen counter.

The vegetable spring rolls were perfectly done; audibly crispy on initial bite, filled with a delectable mushy filling of shredded vegetables.

To accompany the main dishes, starters including the chain’s signature Salt & Pepper Squid and Phuket Mussels were enjoyed as side dishes. The squid was perfectly cooked – impressive considering how easy it is for it to be served overly chewy. Scented with sweet basil and sliced lime, among other flavours indistinguishable to our noses, the mussel broth was exceptionally rich; one to share is plenty.

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For mains, glutenous clumps of sticky rice were adorned with rotis and our flavoursome curries of choice. The rice was one of the few things that needed reheating, and we felt the rotis would have been best enjoyed as a dine-in side; they had stuck together and become rubbery in texture. After disappointing prawn curries from similar restaurants in the past we were pleased with the amount of prawns, and size of them, in the Red Curry, while the Thai Green was the perfectly fragrant remedy for a chilly night; plenty of tender chicken breast chunks swimming in a vibrantly coloured coconut sauce – with a kick!

While the lockdown continues, or if you simply fancy a night in, The Giggling Squid offers takeaway with delivery, click and collect, and Deliveroo options. More info here.