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Gymkhana – Michelin-star food at home

Gymkhana – Michelin-star food at home: reader offer

One of London’s top restaurants, two-Michelin-starred Gymkhana, has brought out a range of goodies so you can enjoy its top notch cooking at home. We tried a couple of the offerings, and we were very impressed. The Gymkhana Fine Foods range includes chutneys, marinades and cooking sauces – we tried some Tandoori Onion Chutney alongside some poppadoms – sweet, sour and with a good hit of chilli, the chutney elevated the simple snack. You can also mix it with a little oil to turn it into a marinade.

We also loved the Butter Masala Cooking Sauce – which you can use with meat or vegetables – we cooked it with chicken thigh fillets. It’s a super-simple supper to whip up for a Friday night treat. This was unlike any cooking sauce we have come across – it’s fresh tasting with all the spice elements perfectly balanced.

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Read on for a recipe to try from Gymkhana:



180g plain flour

30ml water

5g salt

2g carom seeds

2g nigella seeds

400g paneer or 450g boneless chicken thighs

½ jar Classic Tandoori marinade

200ml ghee

40g chopped garlic

5g cumin seeds

50g chopped onion

10g coriander stems

1 jar Butter Masala sauce

50g ketchup

Oil to deep fry


Melt 200ml of ghee. Allow to cool.

To make the dough, sieve the flour, make a well in the centre. Mix in 50ml ghee until incorporated and then add the water, salt, carom and nigella seeds, kneading until a dough forms. Set aside.

To make paneer samosas: dice the paneer into 2cm cubes, coat with half a jar of tandoori marinade, then roast at 180oc for 6-8 minutes. Allow to cool.

To make chicken samosas: Dice the chicken into 2cm cubes, coat with half a jar of tandoori marinade, then roast at 180oc for 15-18 minutes. Allow to cool.

Heat the 150ml of reserved ghee in a pan, then add the chopped garlic and cumin and cook for 30 seconds. Add the chopped onion, cook until lightly golden.

Set aside 50g of Butter Masala sauce for the ketchup. Add the remainder to the pan and simmer until well incorporated. Add the roasted paneer and mix. Allow to cool.

Roll out 20g of samosa dough thinly into a circle, then add 30g of the paneer filling to the centre. Fold the three sides together to form a triangle. Repeat for all of the dough.

Heat your oil to 175oc and deep fry each samosa for roughly 4 minutes until golden brown.

To serve, mix ketchup with the 50g remaining butter masala sauce to enjoy alongside the samosas.