8 amazing hot chocolate spots in London and Surrey

8 amazing hot chocolate spots in London and Surrey

Cosy spots to sip on mouthwatering hot chocolate in SW London and Surrey…



Knoops, with cafes in Chelsea, Clapham Junction and Richmond, among other places boasts an impressive menu based around more than 20 different chocolates that are minimum 54% and vegan. Plus a selection of plant-based milk. They even offer a handy guide to customise your experience. Yes, they’re really that into crafting a perfect chocolate drink.



Head to Venchi’s site in Battersea Power Station to try their absolutely heavenly hot chocolate. They also sell it in packaging, so you can buy your own to make at home. Try out their gelato too – you won’t regret it.


Hummingbird Bakery

Boasting “authentic American cakes and desserts, Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington offers heavenly-tasting hot chocolate, plus an impressive range of cupcakes and cakes, including gluten-free options.



A dog-friendly restaurant tucked away just off the High Street of Wimbledon Village, Fire Stables features a quintessentially British menu to satisfy small and big cravings alike.



“Taste a dream, Nardulli’s ice cream”! Well, their hot chocolate tastes like a dream, too. Located near Clapham Picturehouse, Nardulli is a small oasis for every sweet tooth. Try their ice cream in the summer, too – the dream slogan is no joke!



Looking out across Richmond Green, Gelateria Danieli developed its very own Italian hot chocolate recipe. Dark, decadent, and thick enough to stand your spoon in, it is made with single-origin chocolate from Uganda. Try it with cinnamon or cardamon for something extra.


Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates is not just a shop, it’s a self-proclaimed “little chocolate emporium”. Situated in Chelsea and Belgravia, among other locations, it offers rich heritage and expertise, and more flavours of chocolate one can imagine. Plus, it’s working towards making the cocoa sector fairer and more ethical. What’s not to love? Grab yourself some luxury hot chocolate to make at home.



You can head to one of Badiani’s sites in Chelsea or Balham for their delicious deluxe hot chocolate, made from a hot chocolate fountain, and incredibly rich and delectable. They also do a pistachio hot chocolate which is absolutely divine. While you’re there, you may as well try their deliciously smooth Italian gelato too.