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My Local Kitchen: Fine Dining Delivery

My Local Kitchen: Fine Dining Delivery

My Local Kitchen is delivering sumptuous meals created by a Michelin-starred chef Garry Hollihead.

Created by Michelin-starred chef Garry Hollihead and delivered to your doorstep, My Local Kitchen is a must-try amongst dozens of food delivery services that bloomed in post-covid London. 

The menu includes classics such as Lamb Shank Shepherd’s Pie and Fondant New Potatoes, as well as exotic twists like Persian Spiced Chicken and Squash Tagine. Also on the card are mouthwatering desserts and an impressive selection of wines. 

My friend and I opted for a roast fillet of cod with butternut squash risotto and zesty fine green beans, and for banana and raisin pudding as a dessert. The food arrived very timely on my doorstep, neatly packed in recyclable boxes. The packaging is overall quite clever so that you don’t stain much – either inside or outside the oven/microwave whilst heating the food. 

Our portions looked seemingly fairly small but were more than filling – especially the dessert which was just massive. The risotto was heavenly, aromatic and mouthwatering – and Italian-approved (by my companion, who’s Italian). The silken fillet of cod was fantastic too, with a characteristic mild flavour and tender-firm texture. We then tucked in our puddings – extremely sweet, hot, and with a smooth rich toffee butter sauce – it was honestly, just perfect.  

If I have anything to complain about, it would be a slightly bizarre placement of the cooking instructions (the other side of the postcard tucked into the box with food)  – the postcard could perhaps do with a short “turn me around for instructions” or similar note.  

It’s a fairly affordable way to get an amazing dinner, reduce food waste, not make too much mess in the kitchen, and support local – all in one. Currently, the delivery is available in the west and south west London, but they do continue to expand, so stay tuned for the updates!