Prize Gin

Prized Gin

Prized Gin

Winners of the Time & Leisure #FoodAndCultureAwards 2023 were presented with a gorgeous bottle of Wimbledon Garden Gin. We take a closer look at what makes this gin, by Wimbledon Brewery, so special.


Wimbledon Brewery is a regional leading brewery known for its extraordinary collection of beautifully balanced beers. This reincarnation of the original brewery (which burnt to the ground in 1889) quickly became a favourite with locals and made available internationally due to the quality and Wimbledon connection. The brewery continues to be inventive and extend their quality brand to other products. Over the years we have tried handmade pies, teas and sparkling English wine. The Wimbledon Garden Gin is the perfect prize gin for the best food and drink businesses in SW London and Surrey.

The Gin

The smooth, traditionally flavoured, dry gin, which has a brewery twist and a delicate citrus top is Multi award-winning including a ‘Gold’ in The Global Gin Masters 2020 and a Time & Leisure Taste Award 2022. What makes this small batch gin unique is that it is “exceptionally Wimbledon”, combining a finely balanced mix of botanicals including Juniper, Gorse and Heather (as found in abundance on Wimbledon Common), Wimbledon Honey, Liquorice, Lemon and Cascade Hops from Wimbledon Brewery.

Flavour Profile


When it comes to sourcing local botanicals nothing can compete with nature’s apex foragers: bees. John Deacon keeps his hives on the edge of Wimbledon Common. His bees harvest across the Common and the gardens of leafy Wimbledon. Instead of sweetness the honey gives subtle hints of floral spice and contributes to the smooth mouth feel of our gin.


“Kissing is out of fashion when the gorse is out of blossom.” So goes the old saying, a jest about the fact that gorse flowers all year round. It’s found in abundance on Wimbledon Common. Its bright yellow flowers are coconut scented and provide an almond flavour note to our gin.


More associated as an ingredient used in certain beers rather than spirits, Heather is the dominant heathland flower on Wimbledon Common. Its purple flowers contribute to the floral notes prevalent in our gin.


Hops and gin have been used as a gin botanical for centuries. We wanted to add a brewery touch to our recipe. We tried numerous varieties and Cascade was not only one of our brewers’ favourite varieties, it also provided a delightful citrus note to our gin.

The result is a bouquet of floral heather balanced with the spice of juniper and coconut notes from the gorse. There is a richness coming from the honey and a smoky sweetness from liquorice, while being rounded with the traditional juniper notes. A smooth finish with a pleasant bitterness and moreish hint of sweetness.

Where to Buy

Check the website for details of the brewery tap opening times and events, and order Wimbledon Gin online at