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Restaurant Review: Bombay Delight

Restaurant Review: Bombay Delight

We try the uber cosy Indian eatery in Wimbledon…

With the atmosphere buzzing and delightful aromas in the air, Wimbledon’s Bombay Delight has an aura of pleasant yet not intrusive friendliness. The chairs are comfy, the interior vibrant and the service excellent. I slowly peruse the surprisingly extensive menu whilst sipping on Bombay Delight Lager, a classic pilsner made by a local brewery specially for Bombay Delight. A special treat for beer aficionados – if you’re into crisp, clean beers with a touch of sweetness, this one’s for you.  

I opt for Achari Paneer Tikka as a starter – delicious Indian paneer cheese coated with a mix of pickling spices and hung yogurt. Crispy and slightly spicy, it’s a great way to wake your appetite – and would probably make for a great party snack.  

The sheer range of dishes Bombay Delight offers is impressive. They do everything from seafood to chicken to lamb to veggie dishes in a wide array of sauces. Also, watch out for the “spicy” warning signs – spicy at Bombay Delight means spicy.

After some consideration, I choose Samundri Khazana as my main – a chef’s signature, it’s this dish that went viral a couple of years ago after a high-end South Kensington restaurant started serving it for a whopping £2000 per plate. It’s not anywhere close to that much at Bombay Delight (thank goodness – in fact, it costs a reasonable £18.50) but it is probably just as tasty. Salmon, monkfish, and tiger prawn mousse is stuffed in crispy calamari, served with garlic tomato coconut sauce and a hint of raw mango, and accompanied by nan bread. Quite spicy for my taste but utterly delicious, creamy, and flavourful.  

As I still had some space for dessert (because who doesn’t?), I went for Gajar Ka Halwa – a type of very sweet carrot pudding topped with nuts and dry fruits. I have very pleasant memories attached to this dish as I spent hours nibbling on it created by my university friends in a student hall kitchen. It was delicious, buttery, succulent and sunny, and wonderfully aromatic.  

Overall, Bombay Delight is a delight. With staff beyond lovely and delicious food, it’s a wonderful place for a relaxed Saturday dinner, a weekday outing, or even a business meal.