Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge’s tips to elevate Sunday Lunch

Tom Kerridge’s tips to elevate Sunday Lunch

We caught Tom Kerridge in his kitchen to get the full scoop.

Pub in the Park came to Wimbledon for the first time this summer, with Tom Kerridge bringing food, music, markets and bars to SW19 for a three-day festival. But it’s not all festival fun – he’s also been filming new TV series ‘Sunday Roast’, alongside launching a brand new cookbook. We caught him in his kitchen to get the full scoop.

A smoky beef brisket with homemade tortillas isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ‘Sunday Roast’ – but Tom Kerridge tells us it’s the dish he’s most excited about in his brand-new TV series.

“I’m really excited to share the Mexican twist on a Sunday roast. For this episode, I did a slow-cooked beef brisket, with warm, smoky flavours – not too spicy. I also love the idea of the mini tortillas – and especially the churros for pudding, with a hot chocolate dipping sauce. It’s still perfect for a relaxed Sunday lunch as it’s all about the vibe of a long, slow meal.”

Tom shared his recipe with us – click here to cook it with him!

The new series, Tom Kerridge’s Sunday Lunch, puts a unique spin on the typical Sunday lunch, taking Indian, Mexican and Italian influences to elevate our family feasts.

“It’s dishes like these that are the perfect antidote on those cold and dreary days,” says Tom. “On those days, you want something to stick in the oven and slow-cook… It’s all about slow cooked meals – things that smell good, when the flavour wafts around the house and fills rooms with beautiful smells,” he adds. For him, food is one of the most sensual things, with the most comforting dishes being slow-cooked lamb, pulled pork or beef brisket.

Of course it’s not always big, fancy feasts in his house. Tom’s go-to TV dinner? “Omeletty things”.

“For a quick TV dinner we usually just open the fridge, see what odd bits there are and use some leftovers, then fry it up with some eggs or stick it in the oven, Spanish tortilla style,” he muses.

It’s become a tradition he does together with his son, Acey, as it’s a fun way to get little ones involved. “Throwing together a ‘bits n bobs’ omelette is something he can engage with,” Tom explains.

When it comes to cooking for little ones, Tom faces the same battles as the rest of us.

His best tip for toddlers? Get them used to new flavours by keeping ingredients separated and compartmentalised so they’re less intimidating. Then use those same ingredients to throw together a proper meal for the adults.

Kerridge’s cooking style has been documented on our television screens for over 10 years. And while some things have remained the same (flavour-led recipes, and a strong emphasis on British ingredients), Tom Kerridge tells us he has learned to cook ‘in two different worlds’.

“There’s the professional chef angle, which is cooking in a very professional way – and then there’s the way I cook for the pubs or Sunday lunches and cook books, which focus on more accessible, relatable, and achievable recipes.”

It’s that latter style that inspired his new book, Real Life Recipes, which focusses around dishes people can throw together more easily.

“I wanted to offer recipes that people can manage on a standard Tuesday evening, when you get home tired from work and have hungry kids, and have just a handful of ingredients lying around the house.”

Inspired by the work he’s doing with Marcus Rashford, and looking at the cost of living crisis that people are facing currently, the recipe book promises to use ingredients that are both easy to find and easy on the pocket.

Lastly, we asked Tom if he had any hacks to add some quick pizazz to a dish.

“I have one ingredient that I chuck on pretty much everything; pickled green chillies, the kind you might find in a kebab. I throw these into meals and even on my  sandwiches…”

Adds Tom: “Fresh herbs are also underrated – some hand-torn basil can transform a sandwich or anything really – same with fresh mint or dill.”

Just a little bit of effort, with a big impact.

Tom Kerridge’s Sunday Lunch launches on the Food Network at 9pm on Monday 29 August. Real Life Recipes, £26, will be available from 1 September.