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Top 5 Lockdown Coffees

Top 5 Lockdown Coffees

It’s no surprise that home coffee subscriptions are booming. So we asked Time & Leisure Taste Award winner Chimney Fire, to tell us what is trending and most popular. Don’t forget to check out their brilliant weekly, monthly and trial subscriptions and top tips on how to get the best from your coffee.

Locally based roasters Chimney Fire reveals the most popular coffees consumed in lockdown


The Taste of your local coffee house

Ranmore Signature Espresso: Our house espresso usually popular with local cafes is now becoming a strong favourite among home drinkers. Sweet, chocolatey and full-bodied, it works well with or without milk and is especially good through an espresso machine. We’re helping fuel coffee needs at home with a bulk £20/KG offer for this coffee.

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Favourite for the filter

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina: We’ve sourced this coffee for three years in a row and for good reason. A complex, fruity start is followed by a sweet, honey-like aftertaste. People who brew filter have raved about this coffee but it’s also extremely popular with people trying speciality coffee for the first time and available on Chimney Fire trial subscriptions.



Sourced for the more adventurous

El Salvador El Cipres: We sourced this coffee after visiting Tomas at his farm in El Salvador last year. This is a bit of a marmite coffee – those who love it really love it. Crack open a bag of El Cipres to get a burst of strawberry and sweetness.


Decaf – the way it should be

Natural Decaf Espresso: Decaffeinated coffees used to be thought of with some degree of negativity, but vast improvements in the decaf process and quality have made it many people’s evening coffee option. Ours is decaffeinated in Colombia using sugars found in bananas and sugar cane. Tastes amazing too!

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Popular Columbian for a cafetiere

Colombian Jose & Luz: Any Colombian coffee is usually a popular one, and our ShareTrade coffee is no different. These two Colombian farmers receive farm transformation premiums for every bag that is sold. We seem get a lot of great feedback from people who make their Colombian coffee in a cafetiere.

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