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Review: Where The Pancakes Are, Battersea Power Station

Review: Where The Pancakes Are, Battersea Power Station

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ pancakes

Do you love pancakes? Who doesn’t. No, seriously, who doesn’t love pancakes? Well, if you do, we might have just found your new foodie heaven – Where The Pancakes Are in Battersea Power Station.  

The restaurant has a lovely, modern vibe and is quite cosy – which is much appreciated after roaming through extremely large and vast passageways of the newly reopened Battersea Power Station. It is vibrant when we come in and there are people constantly coming in and out – because again, who can say no to pancakes? My friend and I nibble on snacks whilst perusing the menu – a pretty-looking board filled with cucumbers, olives, halloumi, homemade crackers and chilli jam. Ordering it was a smashing idea since the pancake selection can make you feel dizzy. Sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, Dutch babies, everything your heart desires. I finally opt for pear caramel – with thyme-poached pear, house cream, salted caramel, toasted almonds and lemon zest, and my friend gives up and orders simple pancakes with salted caramel, maple syrup and poached egg on the side.  

Both were fantastic, predominantly thanks to the unique batter recipe that included 12 ingredients, an organic flour blend, buttermilk, panela sugar and high welfare eggs. Hands down, batter-wise these were the best pancakes we have both eaten. Not that anything else was bad, not at all – thyme-poached pear melted in my mouth and house cream with lemon zest was a winning combo. My friend’s simple pancakes were divine too.  

Naturally, we went for dessert because what is better to finish off a meal full of sugar than a dessert? I tried Eton Mess and my companion went for vanilla ice cream. Both were sweet, airy, light and overall delish. We washed it down with some bubbles and a killer Spanish latte.  

All in all, a fab place – and the pancakes are absolutely five-star.