6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Attic Space

6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Attic Space

Although many don’t know it, attics are a goldmine of potential storage space that you can use. Whether your attic is big or small, there are many ways to turn this neglected and often-forgotten space into a great storage space for your home. But how do you do it? Read on as we explore the best tips and hacks to make the most of your attic space.


First things first! If getting in and out of your attic is a tricky proposition, then there is no chance you’ll get the most out of that space. Poor accessibility is the main reason an attic is neglected. And regardless of how often you will be using the attic, getting to and from there needs to be safe for all your family. You also need to be safe while you’re up there too. So, if there’s no or little flooring present already, then call a professional and get one fitted. And get the easy access you need, there are fantastic loft ladders for all budgets out there.


Whatever you are planning for your attic space, you need to make sure there’s adequate lighting. Safety is key – walking round a poorly-lit space can leave you one step away from a visit to your hospital. Make sure you have a light switch installed near the entrance so you don’t have to fumble round in the dark. Also use LED bulbs. They’ve got an incredible lifespan; they consume less energy and they radiate far less heat than other bulbs.


If you’ve lived in your property for some time, chances are your attic is already packed to the rafters. Old clothes, books you’ll never read again and DVDs that you no longer have a machine to play on. We’re all guilty of a bit of hoarding. Your next step is to get up there and sort it out. A scary prospect, but decluttering will create a wealth of space and clearing out all that stuff will feel immensely satisfying at the end! To get the best from decluttering, be ruthless! Charity shops will welcome many items you don’t need – and there are many sites you can sell them on too.

Label Your Stuff

If you want to stop disorganised clutter building up again, then a great idea is to use labels on all boxes and bags. It will mean that any new items you need to store go where they should be, and you will be able to speedily find anything you’re looking for too.

Add Attic Shelving

Your attic is likely limited by the amount of floor space you have. Shelving is a lifesaver when it comes to adding extra storage room. A great tip for you to use is floating shelves. They’re much less bulky than your average shelf and allow you to place storage higher up on your attic walls, maximising the space you have available.

You could even add hooks or a clothes rack to hang up your most cherished old clothes and save floor space that would otherwise be placed in boxes and forgotten about.

Keep it Clean

It’s easy for your attic to become dirty and cluttered over time. Because of this, we recommend that you keep it clean by regularly vacuuming and dusting every month or so before it gets out of hand. You could even install air vents to help circulate air around your attic and stop mould!

Take Advantage of These Tips Today

That space under the roof of your house is often overlooked. It’s not surprising – in many homes venturing up there is not always an inviting prospect! But, your attic has great untapped potential to be a fantastic storage option for your home. It may take a bit of initial effort and investment to make the most of it, but with the right storage solutions and some clear planning, you’ll reap the rewards. There are so many ways you utilise the space – hopefully you’ll find our tips useful.