Agate Blue Duo Wall Art Set

A Beautiful Blend of Textures

A Beautiful Blend of Textures

Look to natural materials, textures, and mixing things up to create interest in your interiors this year

1 The Beauty of Wood

Wood instantly adds warmth to a room, and is both beautiful and practical. A good joiner can make even the most basic floor look amazing with the right grain, the right cut and the right fitting. In furniture, mix dark and light woods to add interest. Bring in wooden ornaments and vases to reference nature.

2 Crystal Healing

Crystals and semi-precious stones, agate in particular, look stunning. The range of colours make agate a very versatile material. It can be used in your design schemes as coasters, side tables, serving platters, and light fittings. I have even seen it replicated in large format porcelain tiles.

3 Back to Nature

As we head into spring, lighter brighter looks in bamboo, rattan and wicker will help lift a living space. Sofas, chairs and light fittings can all reference the trend. It works particularly well when light, natural or sunlight, falls through the wicker, creating patterns and interest against floors or ceilings.

4 Drama of Marble

Marble is timeless, durable, naturally unique and can be used in worktops for your kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Go for a statement wall or a nod to the look with a coffee table.

5 Layer it Up

Fabric is a simple way to add interest by layering up different textures. Go for tactile materials, chunky contrasts, and the likes of bouclé, with its loops and curls brings softness to a space. Pick one shade and layer in cushions and throws.