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5 top tips from Alpex Architecture on making the most of your living space


”The kitchen should be as good as its knives” (Otl Aicher for Bulthaup)
Function above aesthetics, with the aim to express a lifestyle: cooking as a social event, to entertain yourself, friends and family needs a great working space, flow of light and movement. This shows that architecture and interiors are highly interlinked, as they are conceived with design continuity from the exterior of a building to its inside.


Light is one of the most important elements for good Architecture; it leads architecture users through space, therapeutically enriching the experience for those inhabiting it.
Natural Light can be let in with large roof lights, light wells, sunken gardens, and flow through the space with floor to ceiling doors and wide opening. By night a clever use of lighting can maximise the benefits of artificial night-time lighting in the environment.

Full height units:

There is nothing worse than dust catching kitchen units. Floor to ceiling units, seamlessly blend from floor to ceiling and vice versa, without necessarily standing as fitting but being perfectly integrated. Creating continuous block units gives the wow effect, which makes a kitchen a unique space to move around. Not having to stand on ladders to clean the top of the kitchen is a godsend.


Flush ceilings:

One of our pet hates is laziness – in particular, when builders simply add in beams and create boxing around steels instead of creating a flawless finish is is something hard to achieve but we think is always worth the extra effort to get flush ceiling all way through.

Craftsmanship / design:

This hand built kitchen has been carefully thought-out and designed by us, to provide all the above and more. We work together with clients fully explaining the design and production process, as well as providing material samples so they know what to expect the outstanding results speak for themselves.


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