Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover

When Emma Merry from Emma Merry Styling in Reigate was asked to give an outdated en-suite a makeover, she set to work in creating a boutique re-invention with stunning results

The Brief

Our clients were looking for a boutique hotel vibe for their dated en-suite bathroom. Making the most of the cramped and uninspiring space was top of the list. The en-suite bathroom was part of the original build, installed in the 1990s. With its original shower cubicle, adjoining bath and full length pine double vanity unit, plus the oversized pan and waste cistern, it was all you could do to get in the door.

Space and light was top of the agenda in our designs and floor plans, while taking into account the functionality and needs of a master en-suite bathroom. With an eye for detail, we presented a scheme of muted pinks contrasted with a deep sea blue vanity unit highlighted with brushed brass taps and fittings.


We set about removing the old suite to assess the pipework, to see how we could relocate the pan and create a concealed cistern on the opposite side of the room. We struck upon difficulties in this endeavour, as the pipework in 1990s homes is traditionally taken internally rather than running to an outside wall and down the side of the house. Contacting my tried and tested installers on this project proved invaluable.

Within a few days we located the soil pipe and set about streamlining this to encompass the waste for all the sanitary wear. This created more wall space for the beautiful brass heated towel rail.

The next challenge was to painstakingly cut and lay each tile in the herringbone pattern. The vision was for the tiling to take your eye around the space by following the half height pattern. To enhance the clean division from painted wall to tile pattern we used a brushed brass tile trim, which echoed in the wall-mounted brassware.

In specifying a wall hung pan it created the perfect opportunity to use the double vanity unit. With its elegant slim legs, it allows full visibility to the striped floor below. Upon entering the room, you are naturally drawn to the furthest corners by following the floor stripes.

The Final Result

“Total luxury with just the right mix of detail and colour,” is how our client described the finished space. We are delighted with the end result. We feel this elegant and timeless en-suite will service the functional and creative needs of the homeowners for many years to come.”

Top Tips

• When using half height tiles, look at dressing the finished look with a complementary tile trim to your brassware, we can’t stress enough how this acts as the cherry on the cake for a considered bathroom design. Take a sample of your tile and the tap into the showroom when choosing the tile trim and this will ensure you match to the correct shade.
• If you’re struggling to decide what type of tiles you want to use, then think about the finishes that appeal. Ceramic tiles, for instance, are much easier to look after and more reasonably priced, while natural stone requires maintenance. If you like the idea of contrasting wall and floor tiles, there’s a world of opportunity. Try colour on the walls and a quieter finish on the floor. To make cleaning easier use dark floor tiles and opt for light walls – or you can mix and match patterns and plain tiles.
• Searching for the wow-factor? Then decide what will be the first item that will catch the eye when entering the bathroom. Will it be an amazing tub, vanity sink or shower enclosure? If you decide your focal point, then you can choose your tiles to complement that special feature and really make it stand out.
• Simple tiles don’t have to mean boring. Even with plain tiles you can create a stunning design by laying them out in different patterns including herringbone, staggered or in a diamond shape.