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Don’t Let Your Connected World Come Crashing Down

There’s support for your Apple devices near you.  Paul Richardson of Coulsdon-based Inception Support talks about how they help businesses and home users get the most from their devices.

Paul, why should people seek your advice?  Don’t Apple devices ‘just work’?

Well yes, but with many UK adults using an iPhone and often having other Apple devices as well, it’s important to make sure that they all talk to each other correctly.  I often come across situations where the devices are technically working correctly but something isn’t quite right.

Shouldn’t we just go to an Apple Store?

Being local, Inception Support can come to you as problems can’t always be taken in isolation.  We are fully certified engineers in Mac support and maintenance with more than 15 years’ experience in the industry and our customers trust our extensive expertise to support all Apple devices from MacBooks to iPads and other accessories such as printers. We work in London and Surrey helping families, and businesses of all sizes, and we’re proud to have a loyal customer base.

What’s wrong with simply waiting until things break before calling you?

Not being able to access your computer or suddenly losing data is a heart stopping moment.  Yes, Inception Support can step in to repair or troubleshoot a problem, but ultimately prevention is better than cure – maintaining devices regularly saves our customers a lot of unnecessary stress.

That said, we can’t stop things from going wrong, but we can minimise the impact it has on you and your lifestyle.

OK, you’ve convinced me – what packages do you offer?

We provide support in person, or remotely, and offer flexible pricing from pay as you go to pay monthly options.

For example, our popular home support package covers up to five people per household including students away at university.  We support you using email, telephone, remote access via the internet or in the home.  It includes setting up your Wi-Fi, installing new printers and advice on spending your money wisely to avoid costs later on – this is especially useful for new college or university students buying their first Mac as it’s important to get a machine that will last throughout their course.

Any final comments?

We believe technology should be invisible, running seamlessly and smoothly to make our client’s lives easier. If that’s not the case, Inception Support can put that right – it’s all about providing a quick, honest and efficient solution that works for the customer.

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