Dream En-Suites

Dream En-Suites: Create a Luxury Retreat

Dream En-Suites: Create a Luxury Retreat

Create a bathing haven by utilising space and experimenting with the latest en-suite trends.

The en-suite has become almost a given in many homes up and down the country, and while the decoration and design of this small yet desirable room has often been an after-thought, it seems this space has found its time to shine. From the use of more glamorous sanitaryware such as gold, brass and even black, to bold patterns through tiles and the use of natural yet sophisticated materials there is a strong trend for creating luxurious yet modern dream en-suites in which to relax and indulge the senses.

One of the most aspirational trends to emerge is “Minimalist Glamour”. Creating a bathroom space with a spa-like feel yet with a focus on clean lines, seamless design and a touch of luxury through the use of brushed metal taps, lighting and mirrors produces an enviable scheme. The use of Tadelakt, a waterproof plaster surface originally used in Moroccan design, creates a beautiful, satin finish and is available in any colour required meaning you can create a totally bespoke look to your en-suite. This material works beautifully alongside sophisticated splashes of gold, and by adding plants into the scheme you can tap into the biophilic trend.

“The Great Outdoors” – bringing the outside in was something we all enjoyed last year, with 2021 set to see an even bigger surge towards biophilic design and incorporating all things nature inspired into our interior schemes, even in the bathroom as homeowners look to create their dream en-suites. Be prepared to embrace everything floral, feathered and fabulous to bring some liveliness and lushness to the smallest room in your house through wallpaper, the use of plants and smaller accessories.


Even adding a beautiful yet practical bath mat such as this one from Peachy Parrot will add a quick update to the space with minimal effort.

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Moving on to a trend which made a big appearance in 2020; “Scale”. The increased use of oversized tiles, especially marble or those with a marble effect in even the most modest sized bathrooms has grown in popularity and playing around with scale most certainly adds to the luxury and drama of a room. Marble however isn’t always practical or affordable so using natural effect tiles such as porcelain gives the benefits of the look and aesthetic yet offers the durability that marble lacks. With fewer grout lines the walls look less cluttered and that ever appealing, luxuriously, seamless look can be more easily achieved. Playing with scale needn’t be restricted to the tiles either, with the use of large mirrors and even chandeliers raising the style stakes.

“Colour” – with bedroom schemes often being calm and serene, the en-suite offers the chance to introduce a pop of colour, character and energy. Bathroom brands are offering more and more opportunities to add colour through tiles, vanity units, bold brassware and even waterproof wallpaper. Focus on just one or two shades used in conjunction with more neutral colours to ensure your bathroom loses the cold feeling that white sanitaryware can often evoke.

Dream En-Suites: Create a Luxury Retreat

“Incorporated Design” – for that truly hotel lux feel there is nothing more indulgent than having a roll-top bath fitted into the actual bedroom scheme. Seen here (featured image) in the bedroom of influencer and instagrammer Philippa NcFarlane (@sandrockhouse), having a bath plumbed into the bedroom isn’t just hugely luxurious; it is also a highly effective use of space if you don’t have the room for a separate en suite.

Shown here is her Catchpole and Rye bath which was finished in weathered copper with a silver nickel interior. Philippa says; “We decided to put a roll-top bath in our bedroom when we ruled out an en-suite as there wasn’t enough room. We also wanted our bedroom to feel like a special luxurious haven that we can escape to when the kids get older and take over the house!”

This trend can also be applied to showers, seen here in the bedroom of designer Megan Ace. She comments; “We wanted to maximise the space in our master bedroom in the loft. Designing an open-plan en suite, as opposed to putting it into a separate room, allows the eye to be drawn to the very end of the room. The bespoke glass box shower helps bounce light around the room and the half-wall, hiding the loo, allows for a little privacy”.

In short, there are very few things more indulgent within the home than your own private bathroom, devoid of plastic bath toys or teen detritus so therefore it should be your sanctuary and a place you can relax and escape from everyday life.

Jackie Hoyte is an interior designer at Decorbuddi.