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Flaherty Builders: Beautiful Builds

We wanted to find out a bit about the people behind Flaherty Builders and spoke to Sean to find out more

Are you thinking about renovating your home or embarking on a big building project?

Maybe you’ve longed for a loft conversion, or are planning to remove walls downstairs to create an open plan living area, with space for all the family to gather together. Somewhere where you can entertain in your kitchen whilst overlooking the garden through bifold doors which open out onto a decking area…

Let Flaherty Builders bring those dreams to life so that you can maximise the space in your house making it feel like a new home. Read on and find out more about the people involved and what drives the company…

How long has Flaherty Builders been trading and how has it changed over the years?

Flaherty Builders Ltd was established in the 1970s by Colman Flaherty. His unique understanding of the dynamics of construction formed the foundation for the company and the services it provides today. Over the last 15 years, the business has changed dramatically, expanding and flourishing. Joe (brother and business partner) and I had a different vision as to how we can provide construction services to the local community. Being related (and many of those who work with us are also related or old school friends) means that we probably lean on each other more than other business partners would. We live and breathe our projects so our clients get 100% dedication.

What’s been your favourite build so far?

Every project has a little soft spot, even smaller ones. A modest bathroom refurb can transform the lives of the family and bring a smile to the client, just the same as
a complete new build. We were fortunate enough to work on one particular road for over two years, on three substantial builds. That was a special time as all the clients were friends and we became part of their community and we still socialise with them. What would your dream project be? My personal dream is to construct a new build for my family (probably Joe’s dream too!) We are so fortunate to build such amazing projects for our clients and there is a little bit of magic in all of them that I could transfer to my own dream home.

How have you got your business so far?

It is team work and dedication. Flaherty Builders Ltd benefits from a team of over 10 experienced, skilful and enthusiastic staff and a carefully selected resource of dedicated sub-contractors. Together we provide a high quality service that is always delivered on time and on budget, with total focus on what the client wants. We know how important projects are to our clients and our approach is always the same – quality service and workmanship, thoughtful client care and unwavering attention to detail.

You’re just opening a shop/office in Worcester Park so people can come in and meet you and see photos of projects that you’ve completed – what are you most looking forward to about this?

We took the step to position ourselves in a local high street to reinforce who we are and to give potential clients confidence in finding a building company with a very visible identity. We want to promote trust and demonstrate our commitment to the community; we are here for the long haul.

What’s the best time for people to contact you if they want a renovation or build?

We think it’s important to engage with us as early as possible so we can start to understand the needs. This could be at initial design thought stage, or at tender. Its fundamental that we fully understand what the vision is before we start any building work, so earlier the better. We can help in all aspects of the build process (we can recommend architects through to interior designers who we work with regularly). Over the years we have developed a network which means we have all bases covered. Ultimately it will be driven by the client and we can join in at any stage.

Where do you hope to see yourselves in the next few years?

We are currently constructing a complete new build and this is an area we love to continue to grow into. Fundamentally though, we are a building company serving the local area and would like to cement ourselves as the ‘go to’ building company for a professional, friendly, fun job.

We know how important projects are to our clients and our approach is always the same – quality service and workmanship, thoughtful client care and unwavering attention to detail. We offer an honest, up front approach. Outside of the building work, we’re heavily involved in supporting a local charity ( and are currently working on a golf day to help support this cause.

To find out more, visit the website and have a look at their projects

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