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Grey Cherry: Passionate About Kitchen Design

Harjit Garcha, co-founder of Grey Cherry talks to us about her passion for kitchen design 

How did you choose your career in the industry?

I have always had a passion for art and design, and I’m in my element when I am creating. I explored these subjects further, from fashion design to fine art at Wimbledon College of Arts, and went on to do a degree in Product Design at university. I began my career working for a manufacturer designing bespoke fitted furniture, which is where I became even more interested in interiors and how we use space. One of the most challenging spaces is the kitchen, which led to us starting a bespoke kitchen business.

You have a very distinctive design process and work closely with clients; can you tell us more?

I believe that good design solves a problem, and that’s what I aim to do during our design process. I get to know my clients and try to understand exactly what they want from their space, from their storage requirements to the type of mood they would like to create. Once I have all of this information, I begin by exploring and challenging all the design possibilities. I work closely with my clients during this process allowing us to come up with the optimal kitchen design. Once the design is finalised we manage the whole project to completion. Finally, the small details can really make the design, so I help with styling such as sourcing accessories.

How has the industry changed and what trends do you see in the way we live?

Kitchen design has definitely become far more interesting. Not only is there a much wider range of finishes, textures and colours to choose from, appliances are using smart technology and are also becoming more integrated, such as boiling water taps that allow you to do away with your kettle and even save water. We are also designing more hidden prep spaces that hide away all those everyday items that can leave the kitchen feeling cluttered like toasters, blenders and coffee machines. Lighting is always an integral part of any interior design, and smart lighting gives the user the flexibility to change the hue and intensity to fit the mood. I think all of these features will help to create interiors that have a focus on wellness, which I see as a future trend in the way we live.

What inspires you and how will that shape the future of the business?

I have visited many beautiful homes and the ones that stand out are the those that tell a story of who lives there, from art and sculptures collected through travelling, or colours, prints or textures that reflect an individual’s personality. In addition to planning a practical space that suits an individual’s lifestyle, I love to help clients reflect their unique personality through design, so in the future, we look forward to working on an increasing amount of personalised and creative bespoke furniture projects.

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