Gold Eye Wall Mirror

Hall or Nothing

Your hallway can be so much more than just a perfunctory entrance to your home, but a style statement in its own right

Get Quirky

Even in the slimmest of hallways you can create visual appeal. Pick a streamline but stunning console table and use it to display quirky curios, extending the theme up the wall with artwork and mirrors.

Audenza: Gold Eye Wall Mirror, Gold Wall Beetle, Brass Crane Statue, Dotty Vase Slinky Snake Candle Holder. Dripping Gold Concrete Effect Plant Pot.

Coat Check

You may well need a practical place to hang coats and bags, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Look for more unusual options to make something beautiful out of a necessity.

See The Light

In a hallway, the lighting often doesn’t get much thought. But when space is tight, a dramatic or beautiful shade may be all that is needed to make a statement.

Walls Covered

However small your hallway, you can always use the walls to add character with stunning wallpaper.

Play With Texture and Colour

Look at creating contrasts with walls, floors and staircases. Mix opposing colours, add interest with marble, and striking metallic lights.

On the Tiles

Paying attention to your flooring can really make the hallway shine. Simple black and white checkerboard tiles can have a striking impact. Wooden flooring, meanwhile, brings instant warmth to the space.