1920s Dutchbone Madison Lounge Chair Cuckooland


Interiors trends 2022

The top looks we love, from art deco chic and rich colours to cool craft and curves. By Laura Nicolson

The turbulence of recent years has changed how we view our home and work lives. Looking forward to happier times, we are drawn to interiors that lighten our mood and entertain us with bright, uplifting colours, luxurious fabrics, and daring designs. About so much more than simply aesthetics, the latest looks connect us to nature and help protect our wellness, whilst supporting the growing number of activities taking place in our home space.

The 20’s Revisited

Inspired by the glamour of the Gatsby era, the newest trend is indulgent and luxurious. Eye-catching individual pieces of furniture, decorative lights, and reflective surfaces come together to illuminate the area and unashamedly bring pleasure. The key to keeping this on the right side of elegant is to add depth with layers and a variety of textures. Large tiles, fluted glass and metallic details paired with a touch of brass creates a clean and tactile finish. Look for patterns and detailing that hint of this bygone era but bring it bang up to date. Pictured top: 1920s Dutchbone Madison Lounge Chair Cuckooland

Curvy Furniture

Termed “Puffy” by Vogue magazine, the 2020’s generation of furniture designers have embraced the nurturing female shape, removing any hard edges in favour of voluptuous curves and softness. Playful and non-conformist, this organic shape is naturally combined with sustainable fabrics. The new curvy Love Your Home “Vita” Sofa and accompanying range designed by Kate Watson-Smyth is upholstered in recycled velvet and cotton, made in Britain. Rounded corners, and new curved interpretations of traditional panelling are also appearing in bespoke joinery and designs for the latest on-trend home statement, whether in your personal bar or games room.

Pictured: Footstool Workshop, Boca Do Lobo, Rational,

Colour Play

One of the colour trends for 2022 is all about mixing safe and comforting neutrals with strong contrasts. These deep rich shades appeal to our appetite for more fun and adventure, and transform the home into our new playground and theatre. Chelsea Harbour based Zoffany has a paint collection that captures this trend perfectly. “Tigers Eye” is a strikingly brave and cheerful yellow. Used on window and door frames, it adds an element of surprise, for example. “Velvet Blue”, a deep and indulgent hue, is both dramatic and wonderfully cocooning when taken up over the walls and across the ceiling. “Crimson”, a modern interpretation of a classic shade, generates a reassuringly positive energy.

Personalised Design

Spending so much time at home has made us more aware than ever of the importance of creating an individual interior to increase our happiness and wellbeing. We are becoming more confident in putting our own look together, with or without the help of an interior designer. Where we once would have followed the rules much more closely, now we are blending elements from different styles to suit our personality. Touches of “Urban Jungle”, incorporating shades of green and an abundance of houseplants, appear in an otherwise “Minimal Scandi” interior. For those who love bold wallpapers, patterned fabrics and vibrant tones, the maximalist look continues to grow in popularity. Combined with rough textures, black metal and velvet sofas, it creates an industrial aspect. Mixed with botanical patterns or a living wall evokes the most powerful trend of all, the desire to bring the outside into our homes. “Cool Craft” is the newest term with block print fabrics, handmade pieces, sustainable vintage painted furniture, unique artwork, and locally sourced products, very much like the Bloomsbury style.

Multifunctional High Spec Kitchens

Multifunctional spaces are perhaps the biggest trend for 2022, as we transform our homes to incorporate a wider range of activities. This is most clearly seen in the kitchen, where once we might have chosen a large open-plan kitchen, now we are creating zones for second “working kitchens” and adding room dividers to allow flexibility of usage. These can be moveable or permanent features, available in a variety of styles and finishes, from natural wood to painted panels, metal and glass. With a shift away from matt finishes, glossy kitchen splashbacks and strongly veined marble are making a comeback. Coloured glazed tiles are particularly good as they reflect light and are easy to clean. Introducing mixed textures with vintage furniture, statement lighting and brave colour contrasts will create a striking design. There is a real love for the pantry – creating an organised space that is functional and looks great has something very satisfying about it. Having a pantry means you don’t necessarily need wall cupboards for storage, leaving space for beautifully styled shelves or artwork.

By Decorbuddi Interior Design Expert, Laura Nicolson.