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Just Shutters: Championing Sustainability

Just Shutters: Championing Sustainability

Find out why shutters are THE choice if sustainability is your goal!

Shutters are not just a stunning addition to your home, they are also a very practical one, which is why they have become such a popular window solution for homeowners and interior designers. But did you know they are also the perfect choice if sustainability is your goal?

In the dark days of winter, they keep the heat in and screen out the cold and wet, making living spaces and bedrooms cosy and intimate. In the intensifying summer heat, they keep a home shaded and cool. Plantation shutters enhance a house as a refuge from climatic extremes as they improve the thermal efficiency of windows by up to 40%. So you can turn down the thermostat, reduce your carbon emissions and lower your energy bills.

Rest easy knowing that all of Just Shutters wooden products are FSC certified, but for optimum eco-credentials select the LockWood range, which is custom-made from Paulownia wood. Paulownia is the world’s fastest growing hardwood which reaches maturity in just 7 years, as opposed to Teak which takes 25 years plus.

Just Shutters pride themselves on offering sustainable choices at all points in the customer relationship and so they choose to transport their shutters by sea rather than air, and commit to recycling over 95% of our packaging.

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