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Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen Inspiration

We ask the expert design team at Schmidt Kitchens in Wimbledon for their latest tips for designing a new kitchen

So you are after a new kitchen and have a good idea of the styles you like. What else is there to consider? We ask the expert design team at Schmidt Kitchens in Wimbledon for their latest tips for designing a new kitchen, and here is what’s trending neatly wrapped up into 16 no-fuss tips.

1. Black is back!

The 2020 trending colour definitely seems to be matt black. The black kitchen has been gaining traction for the last couple of years and is ready to make a real impact in homes across Wimbledon and south west London. It doesn’t have to mean and moody though. Instead, black can be sleek and tasteful, but it’s always sophisticated.

2. Seamless and spacious

Maximise space with Schmidt’s made- to-measure units. This industry leading innovation, using high tech engineering means units can now be built within our factories to the millimetre! All at no extra cost!

3. Easy life

No more bending down with AEG Comfort Lift dishwasher as the lower level rises up for easy access. You’ll thank yourself every day.

4. Open Plan Living

Brilliantly practical and sophisticated, define your open plan living zones with super-smart shelving partitions.

5. Worktop Heaven

Consider statement worktops using SENSA granite, a non- porous surface with the qualities of quartz. Stain resistant and more hygienic.

6. Dreamy dressing room

Not in your kitchen, but the Schmidt home living range means you can use made-to-measure units to create a dreamy dressing room to the millimetre – and without the bespoke price tag.

7. Space-saving cooking hobs

The popular venting induction hobs will save you valuable storage space, as you will have no need for a large extractor fan above your hob. Not only do they provide more efficient extraction but they also look so much neater! Plus they are really cool to watch!

8. The well prepared chef

Perfect for the home chef – everything you need is to hand with this super handy Cooking Agent storage unit.

Schmidt's mind-blowing mountain
9. Colour mix

Bring touches of your wider colour scheme to your units. Get creative with your colour palette by using up to three colours on your unit fronts to give a bespoke finish.

10. Island dining

Save space and make your kitchen more sociable with a combined island and dining table.

11. Create continuity

Great for open plan living, create continuity by taking your kitchen theme through to living areas. Perfect for those refurbishing or building a kitchen extension.

12. Design flair

Add a bit of design flair to your kitchen by mixing units and bespoke open shelving bringing character and shape.

13. Made for purpose

Rather than placing items where they fit, have units made for purpose – Optline units are bespoke to the millimetre in width and height and are perfect for whatever you need to store for occasional use, or simply to keep surfaces clear of larger gadgets that don’t fit elsewhere.

14. Quooker Hot Tap- just do it!

You will have heard of instant boiling water on tap but unless you’ve lived with one, you won’t yet understand. Seriously – you won’t look back after using a child-friendly Quooker Flex tap for instant boiling water.

15. Stay organised

Often overlooked when designing a new kitchen – no more emptying everything out to find what you need. Anyway – who doesn’t like a well organised sink cupboard?!

16. Make life easier

Make life easier with this clever bi-fold door unit with pop out shelf – perfect for toasters, mixers, cocktail station…the list goes on!

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