Introducing textures to your kitchen

Why it’s time to throw out the rulebook and introduce colour, textures and mix-and-match materials into your kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, 2019 has been a step change. Modernist white designs have made way for more experimental colour and materials that juxtapose, and add drama and intrigue. Mixing textures, be that marble and wood, or matt finishes with high-shine cabinetry, gives property owners endless options with which to create a bespoke heart of the home. Kitchen design is now flush with multi-layered textures and aesthetics – where opposites often attract.

“Our brief was to complement the original brickwork and plank ceilings of this open-plan space. The bespoke concrete island creates the perfect centrepiece to this simple, pared back kitchen.” Holloways of Ludlow

Timber Tales

While resins and lacquers have been popular for some time, homeowners are increasingly seeking to heighten the connection with nature and the outdoors. Wooden cabinetry and islands provide a natural, calming ambience, with defined grains adding impact.

Statement Splashbacks

Splashbacks are a prime spot to introduce a contrasting texture, colour or material. Go for a pop of colour or an ornate pattern.

Mix light and dark: browns or greys against a blond wood can create drama. Consider bespoke storage nooks and shelving to add interest.

Flawless Floors

Statement flooring can inject a new material, pattern, or colour – or combination of all three – into your kitchen. Traditional tiles and flagstones provide raw, natural appeal, while trendy hexagonal tiles in vibrant colours – or cost-effective laminate designs – can make a real focal point. Contrast with tiling elsewhere in the kitchen space for an even bolder look.

Heavy Metal

Utilise metals and metal effects for a touch of glamour and dash of colour. Go for a feature light fitting to add contrast to the rest of your kitchen.

Colour Cues

As with other areas of the home, colour accents are a big hit in the kitchen arena. This can range from a flash of colour in chosen breakfast bar stools, vibrant pendant lighting, or bold cabinetry and recesses.