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Kitchen Trends that are here to stay

Kitchen trends that are here to stay

Jackie Hoyte looks at the kitchen trends that are more than a passing fad

The kitchen is the workhouse of any home and in recent times has become more of a multi-functional space than ever before. Once simply a place to prepare and cook food, it is now an entertainment zone, a room to both eat and relax in, and the combination of style and substance. And over lockdown, we’ve seen just how important it is that this space works. So if you’re tempted to make some changes, here’s our tips on the latest innovations and trends that are here to stay.

Streamlined simplicity

This most classic and popular of the current trends, tipped to stay, is a clean, less cluttered look using limited colour palette and materials. Designed to flow seamlessly, countertops run up into splashbacks in simple yet elegant natural materials from heavily veined marble to porcelain. A greater sense of space is achieved by removing, or choosing not to fit, wall units. Instead, a discreet door opens into a hidden cupboard or larder where necessary provisions and appliances can be kept tucked away.

Curated Kitchen

Whether you are lucky enough to have an open-plan space with seating zones or a simple galley kitchen, areas which traditionally housed practical items related to cookery, such as recipe books and small appliances, are increasingly becoming more curated and well considered spaces for display for a “lived-in” kitchen. From artworks and decorative ceramics to plants and other collectibles, carefully curated personal items create a kitchen that feels practical and yet homely and avoids any areas feeling too sterile.

Courage with Colour

Going beyond pops of colour, the bravest trend is for full on deep greens, rich blues and pinks donning cabinetry, wall tiles and even flooring, especially in family kitchens. Bold use of colour isn’t just restricted to units and walls with brass, black and even pink and turquoise taps making an appearance. Designs like the Dowsing & Reynolds Tinkisso contemporary tap bring a whole new sense of fun to the kitchen and where taps lead, expect sinks to follow. Caple’s new Mode175 sink features an incredible two-tone gold.

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Outdoor-In Kitchen

It has never been more desirable to connect with nature. With kitchens traditionally facing out to the garden, anyone now planning a kitchen project or extension almost exclusively opts for bifold or Crittal doors to open directly into the garden allowing the two spaces to flow into one another.  And of course, kitchen surfaces are just as likely play home to an abundance of house plants as they are to herbs.

Smart cooking

Home cooking and baking became more popular than ever through lockdown yet not everyone feels confident in the kitchen. That’s where technology steps in. In a world’s first for pyrolytic (self-cleaning) ovens, Miele has launched FoodView. An HD camera in the oven allows bakers to keep an eye on food from a mobile phone whilst it is cooking. Hoover’s Wi-Fi Vision Oven has a 19 inch touch screen for cooking tutorials, personal recipe libraries and website access. For state-of-the-art storage, the LG InstaView Door in Door allows you to look into the fridge by just knocking on it twice so you can peruse before opening so it it keeps the cold air in longer.

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