11 Reasons to Expand Your Living Space In 2021

11 Reasons to Expand Your Living Space In 2021

George Chandler from long established family run builders LMB Group writes…

With 2020 entering its final chapter and 2021 on the horizon, what’s your new year’s restoration? Out with the old, in with the ‘new normal’- more and more of us are staying at home for an abundance of reasons. With all those creative thoughts and so little time, LMB are here to get your decisions locked down for 2021. Keen to provide that helping hand, without further or do, here are our eleven reasons to expand your living space in the new year.


1. Home Office Study

Ahhh 2020! The year of coronavirus, working from home and using ironing boards as work desks! Whilst many of us have been typing away in the comfort of a study or home office, a lot of us haven’t had that luxury, instead comically improvising to the point where we’re juggling a ‘cuppa’ on our knee cap and frantically taking zoom calls from our phone (which rests on top of seven books, one fridge magnet and a photo of your dog) With non-key workers being advised to work from home more and more, having an extension built to accommodate a home office will not only add value to your property but you genuinely deserve some comfort!

You can create a lovely space to work from home

2. Man Cave

Whether you’re in the man cave for some down time, you’re in the doghouse as punishment or a new video game has JUST been released, ‘The Man Cave’ is becoming a more and more popular way to expand your living space by the second. With 2020 forcing us into an unprecedented amount of time with our families (I say that with love) … this hideaway is here to stay and offers the perfect escapism after your long working day.

3. Creative Studio

From that long overdue hot soak in the tub to the sweet sound of a fine wine pouring from the kitchen, the rooms in our home have long been set for a specific purpose. However, for many of us, there is no room to express ourselves creatively! Bonkers really when you consider you were (once upon a time) an art major and rocked out to hundreds of people at your student union bar (yes you!) Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Picasso with a flicker of therapeutic colourways or you’re simply looking to have a jam session with a few of your buddies in a sound proof music studio, you’ll be able to rediscover your talents in an adorable and useful space, tailored for your needs.

You could opt for a calming space to inspire creativity

4. Home Library

In an era where technology rules all, the term ‘home library’ has become increasingly popular with homeowners. So, before parents start clearing their shelfs for DVD’s, it’s time to take notice of the educational boosts that owning books can have on the next generation. Regardless of how many books your family has, a home library (statistically) helps your children get further in school. One can only hope!

5. Mini Bar

Bang on trend with a choice of interior blend, there is no end to LMB’s cocktail of ideas for your Mini Bar. Whether it’s a dash of info from Pinterest or a slice of trends from interior designers, we’ll be sure to shake things up with this double dose of spirit raising ingredients. For intoxicating renovations, just add a ‘hefty’ dose of relevance, a ‘pinch’ of your drawing vision and a modernistic or vintage twist. Neat! Call me old fashioned, but it’s worth a shot! I’ll have what he’s having. “For one I made earlier”- check out the testimonials on our website. 

6. Gym Stayer?

Should I stay or should I go? Transforming you from Gym Goer to Stay at homer- we’ve all spouted the familiar phrases- “The diet starts Monday”, “I’m so tired from work” and (my personal favourite) the refreshingly honest- “I JUST can’t be bothered ALRIGHT!” (said whilst stuffing our faces with 6 Jaffa cakes) What do you do when you have all the enthusiasm in the world, but none of the time?! Keen to get back in a routine? A gym slap bang in your home eliminates all excuses and provides you with the motivation station you have been craving.

7. Pets Room

Seven dogs?! Seriously… seven? Yes, you have read that correctly- some people own so many pets that they require their own room (And why not?) From appropriately sized dog flaps for larger animals and a hefty space for your scattered dog toys to the dreaded ‘feeding time at the zoo’ routine- having your own ‘pets room’ will allow you extra time and space to unwind in the evenings in order to not only provide more of a routine for your pets but also to ensure that you’re less overwhelmed. We love them really, even if they do drive us barking mad.

If these ideas are not for you, your new year restoration could be a gorgeous bathroom

8. Walk-In Closet

One of the biggest signs that you’ve officially ‘made it’ in life, a walk-in closet has for centuries been every girls ‘dream’. Turning your vision to fruition, it’s time to bail on that single rail and swap what you store for something you truly adore! Feeling like a princess in your very own tower, this option is perfect for the avid organiser and with insulation included, banish the chills and step into more cosy feels.

9. Movie Room!

Looking for Netflix and thrill?! With cinema’s closing all around the UK- LMB are bringing the action straight to your living space, making you feel a million dollars and creating the Hollywood look you’re after! Lights, camera- action! Picture this, you’re sat by a crackling fire, front row seat reserved just for you- eating copious amounts of popcorn and watching your favourite cost Autumnal flicks! With the spotlight firmly on you, it’s time to ditch that shoddy projector screen, invite your top ten friends over to the red carpet and dim the lights. “Shhh!” at the back- it’s time to let the room do the talking!

10. Playroom

Tired of decluttering an abundance of toys? A divided playroom is something parents can no longer avoid! Playrooms offer a much-needed emotional gap for a child’s development, allowing children of a younger age to differentiate between when it’s ‘play time and when it’s time to perform other activities such as ‘teatime’.

LMB Group could create the luxurious bedroom space you always wanted if an additional room is not needed

So, there you have it, our top eleven reasons to expand on your living space! Thank you for taking the time to read.

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So, there you have it, our top ten reasons to expand on your living space! Thank you for taking the time to read.

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