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En-Suites Sensation

All the inspo on adding a gorgeous en-suite to your loft conversion

If you’re having a loft converted into an extra bedroom, it makes sense to add an en-suite too. Not only will it make life run smoother in a busy household but it will add value too. And it needn’t be a pokey and pedestrian affair, with some stunning ways to style it….

Your en-suite space will most likely be small with low sloped ceilings but good design will help negate all that. A window or skylight will make a big difference. Says architect Sophie Bates: “Include rooflights where you can for a bit of sunshine and star gazing at night. Rooflights over areas with tight headroom also create extra floor to ceiling height.”

Space savers include sliding or pocket doors, and working with not against the space. For example, the eaves could be used for extra storage. And plan your storage carefully, looking at what shelf space you actually need. “Most skincare products are small so space the shelves accordingly to maximise storage. Larger cupboards or a window seat for towels are a must. Decide if you want the storage to be a feature, such as a bespoke mirrored cabinet or shelves, or to be more discreet.”

“Handleless cupboards matching the wall colour or push catches create a crisp line with storage tucked into the eaves.”

Think about your focal point. “Try to have the focus of the room as you walk in to be the sink with mirror over it, or a freestanding bath to draw your eye in; and tuck away the wc out of sight.”

Consider your lighting. “Use dimmer switches to control the levels and consider LED strips in the ceiling or joinery, which look fantastic and provide a soft, warm wash. Use a warm white not cool for the bulbs and low-level night lights on a PIR (infrared sensor) to avoid waking everyone up at night.”

For a luxe hotel-suite feel, it’s all about the detail. There are fantastic tiles around that will create incredible impact in a small space. Taps and shower heads in metallics or matt black will help make a statement. A freestanding tub also creates a sense of luxury – and panels can be customised with paint: you could help match it up with the bedroom scheme, or go for a copper bathtub for impact.

Glass shower screens look fantastic and are a real space saver along with making the room feel bigger. Try etching the bottom for additional privacy.

Clever use of mirrors will help create a sense of space. Meanwhile, choose radiators or towel rails that double a as a cool piece of design to be admired. More compact bathroom suites might be a sound choice for a limited space but that doesn’t mean compromising on style with many great designs available, but on a smaller scale.

Your architect or builder will advise on the practical considerations necessary. These might include reinforcing the floor and checking existing drainage runs as you may need a raised floor to allow for pipe runs, as well as water pressure, ventilation and heating.