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Your Perfect London Property Match

London Property Match: Finding Your Perfect Property

Sarah Dixon and Tamara Colton talk about their buying agent business

Tell us about why you started the business?
The business was actually started over 20 years ago by Sarah Snow and Suzanne Emson who had each moved successfully numerous times within London. This led to friends asking for advice on their purchases. It quickly became evident there was a real need for independent buying advice, not from an estate agent (who acts for the seller) and for a company to assist first time buyers with smaller budgets as well as the wealthy. London Property Match was therefore born. Our founders retired in 2014. I joined in 2010, having been a property solicitor in the West End, and Tamara, a then sales manager of an estate agency in Prime Central London, followed 2 years later.

What have you seen to be the main trends in the market and why have you been so successful?
There are now many property finders but we believe we still have a niche market. Most finders only want to deal with the larger house transactions and only search prime central areas. We welcome lower budgets and search a wider part of London. With no office and staff, overheads are low meaning we can offer competitive fees. This also means we can ride out any difficult periods in the property market. We are long standing, live locally and known by most agents.

The property market rocketed during my first 6 years with the Company. The uncertainty of Brexit in recent years has led to prices levelling off and dropping in many areas. With much of the uncertainty behind us now I predict prices will be on the rise once more.

What do you see for the future of the business?
We see ourselves remaining as we are, doing what we do best. Offering independent and down-to-earth advice on location and price. We would never want to concentrate on purely the higher end of the market, we hugely enjoy working with all ages, nationalities and with varying budgets.

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