Gorgeous decs for your garden

Gorgeous decs for the garden

Turn your outdoor space into a magical festive retreat

Make an entrance

You’ll need a spectacular wreath but also look at the opportunities for decorations around the door arch or porch. Go for a garland – make your own with fresh foliage or buy a pre-made version – some are even already entwined with lights.

Tree of lights

Adorn bare branches with twinkling fairy lights and cover every space to define the outline of the tree. Don’t save baubles for the inside – look for robust versions that you can add to your outdoor trees. If you don’t have a tree or are short on space, look to create a tree shape against a wall with lights. Or go for a pre-lit version that can go anywhere.

Festive Spaces

Make the most of every available feature in your garden – fairy lights adorning the roof of the summer house or even a plain old greenhouse, a pre-lit wreath in a shed window, or simple stars hanging from the rafters.

Create the magic

Making a big deal of the back garden over the festive season will bring some cheer when you look out at night. Equally, you might even be able to sit out there on crisp but dry evenings, roasting chestnuts on a firepit. Pre-lit animals are a nice touch if they’re not overdone. Hurricane lamps look fab.

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