Prepping Your Home Ready for a Sale

Prepping Your Home Ready for a Sale

Presentation and staging is vital when you are preparing to sell your home.

Generally buyers want a tidy, well ordered home with light, space and plenty of storage. Edwards Removals have been carrying out household moves in South London since 1989. As experts in the home moving market the Edwards team have put together their top tips for prepping your house ready for a sale.

Kerb Appeal is Key

Studies have shown that on average a buyer will make their decision on a home within five minutes, and in some cases before even crossing the threshold. First impressions count. With this in mind have a good look at the outside of your property. Are there any things you can do to improve first appearances? Something as simple as mowing the lawn, raking up the autumn leaves or buying a new front door mat could make all the difference to a viewing. If your property is looking a little tired it might be worth getting the windows cleaned and giving the front door and woodwork a lick of paint.

Give your Home a Deep Clean

Everyone loves a clean tidy home so investing in a thorough deep clean in time for viewings is definitely worth the spend. If needed, consider getting your curtains and carpets professionally cleaned too. Be mindful about general household smells before viewings; pet odours and damp and drainage smells can be very off-putting to potential buyers.


Creating space is key to a quick sale. Decluttering will help you mentally prepare for moving home and will leave you with a tidy and well-ordered house for viewings. Although you don’t want to remove all traces of character throughout the property, it is worth considering “depersonalising” your home. As hard as this may be, it is a really powerful selling tip; popping family photos, souvenirs, children’s artwork and collectibles into storage for the short term can really pay off.

It is quick and easy to create space with flexible mobile storage from Edwards Removals. Our teams load your items into your storage container at your home, seal and secure it, and deliver it safely to our Wimbledon warehouse. You can store your items for any length of time, even for a few weeks during the sale period and between house moves. If you need access to your items at any time throughout your storage period simply give us a call.

Fix Anything that is Broken

You want to show off your “well cared for home” so make sure it looks it’s best. If a tap is a little leaky or a door handle is a bit stiff, take some time out to fix them up. It really is these small things that can make the difference. Unfinished DIY projects should really be completed, even if it means calling in the professionals!

Define Each Room

Often a room has multiple uses. A spare room becomes an office or the dining room is a storage den. When selling your home you need to define each room and give it a role. Set the dining room up with a laid table and make the bed up in the spare room, this will all help during the viewing process.

On viewing day make sure all your curtains are open and all the lights are on to make your spaces as light and enticing as possible. Plump up the cushions, open windows (if it is warm enough) and order some fresh flowers to give off a fresh and inviting scent.

We wish you the best of luck with your viewing and remember to give Edwards Removals a call on 0208 946 7339 for local, flexible storage solutions and removal services.