Tips to Clean Your Washing Machine in 5 Easy Steps

Tips to Clean Your Washing Machine in 5 Easy Steps

Tips to Clean Your Washing Machine in 5 Easy Steps

A washing machine is one of the most common needs in everyone’s home. A properly cleaned washing machine saves you time and thoroughly cleans your clothes. Cleaning the washing machine is a prerequisite to keep it functioning and operational with its highest potential. When your washing machine is clean, your clothes are clean too.

It is an obnoxious feeling if your clothes come out smelly or dusty after washing. Descaling the washing machine is an integral part of the entire cleaning process. Ideally, your washing machine needs a cleaning procedure every month. This is to clear out the residues of laundry and detergents. Here are some tips for cleaning your washing machine without much hassle.

Hot cycle run with vinegar

Run your washing machine on a hot cycle mixed with two cups of vinegar. Don’t use detergent, instead, use white vinegar. Add vinegar to the dispenser. Don’t worry about your clothes, as vinegar does not cause any damage to them. The combination of hot water and vinegar prevents bacterial growth. Vinegar is also a good deodorizer, it cuts through mild odors.

Scrub the interior and exterior of the machine

Mix about one-fourth cup of vinegar with warm water in a sink or bucket. Use a sponge to mix this mixture with a toothbrush. Clean the inside as well as the outside of the machine. You need to give extra attention to dispensers for soaps of fabric softener. Check for the inside sections of the door and around the door openings. If your soap dispenser is changeable, remember to soak it in vinegar water before scrubbing.

Second hot cycle

Try for another regular empty hot cycle without vinegar or detergent. Add half a cup of baking soda to the machine to clear the build-up residues from the first cycle if needed, once the cycle is complete, clear the inside of the machine or wipe it off with a microfiber cloth to eliminate the remaining debris.

Alternative Easy steps to clean the machine

These are some tactics to clean a top-loading washing machine with some spots.

Step 1: Pause the machine at the time of the first hot cycle and allow an hour to let the vinegar soak thoroughly.

Step 2: Use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach spots, especially around the lid and at unreachable spaces.

Step 3: Top-loading washing machines usually collect more dust than normal ones. Wipe the top section of the machine with a dust cloth dipped in vinegar.

Step 4: Cleaning gaskets, rubber seals around the machine door, and related stuff. They are the reason behind the smelling laundry. Leftover detergents can mostly be the breeding ground for mildew. Make sure you clean these areas regularly.


Consider your washing machine having a self-clean function, is that worth it? Why not select the function and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer? Also, you can prepare some additional ways to clean your washing machine regularly to avoid unnecessary dirt and residues. This damages your clothes and makes your washing machine dysfunctional in the long run. Ensure to follow these steps and keep your clothes fresh and clean.


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