Why We All Need More Space

Managing director Adrian Newman explains the company’s ethos, and the power an extension has to change people’s lifestyles

How long has More Space been trading and how has it changed over the years?

MoreSpace is the trading name of LoftRooms Ltd which was started as a family business by my father, Maurice Newman, specialising in loft conversions back in 1966. From inception the aim has always been to deliver a decent build at a fair price – which led to our often used moto of “on time & on budget”. The original focus of the company was solely on loft conversion projects, but over the past 15 years and due to demand from our clients, we have diversified our business, and now undertaking just as many ground floor extensions and basements as we do lofts. Through maintaining the same principles on which the company was originally founded, and through a combination of experience and evolution, we believe we have developed a service that really suits London’s homeowners. It quickly became apparent that we would need a name that better describes what we do and that is how “MoreSpace” came to be.

How have you got your business so far?

At MoreSpace we place a huge emphasis on the importance of human capital. It is the staff at MoreSpace who give the company its character and ultimately carry the responsibility of ensuring your project is handled professionally. We take pride in the service we provide, which is reflected in our long-standing reputation and excellent levels of customer satisfaction. Most of the work we carry out, approximately 75% I would say, is as a direct result of recommendations from satisfied clients who have experienced firsthand our process.

What’s the best time for people to contact you if they want a renovation or build?

Most people don’t realise how long it takes to get all the permissions in place. The planning decision from the local authority alone can take around eight weeks, on top of that there is the time needed to survey the property and draw the scheme up, which normally takes three to four weeks. Party Wall Notices and Agreements are also a requirement that can take another month or so to resolve. We usually advise to contact us a minimum of four months before you plan to start the actual building part of your project, however, “the more notice the better”, is really the best advice we can give!

Season wise, there is a bit of a misconception when it comes to starting the project in the winter months, however, we manage the same volume of projects no matter the time of year. The only period when work really doesn’t take place is the two weeks over Christmas and New Year – where everyone takes a well-earned break!

Where do you hope to see yourselves in the next few years?

Simply put, to keep our position as London’s leading extension company, whilst still holding the same principles that the company was originally founded on over 50 years ago! To achieve this we do not have any plans for expansion and would rather keep our work operations territory to within the M25. We have a rock solid roster of 30 reliable teams all working at the same time and have the requisite staff of site supervisors to oversee and monitor project progress; as they say “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

What’s been your favourite build so far?

To be honest, it would be easy to come up with a “Grand Designs” type project we delivered, all in structural glass with a floating staircase, etc., but as nice as that is (and the photos look great!) the most satisfying extensions we work on are the ones where clients say that it has changed their life. Most clients are normally delighted with the finished product and are excited to have some extra living space, perhaps for an expanding family for example. Occasionally however we have a client who tells us that their project has quite literally changed their lives and the way they use their property. An example that springs to mind is a project whereby the family had a child with an increasing disability and needed their ground floor expanded and partly transformed into a new living space for the child as access to the first floor had become impractical for them. The family was so grateful at the end of the project that it made me proud and quite emotional at the same time!

What would your dream project be?

One of my grandchildren (I don’t have any yet!) overseeing our 50,000th project!

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