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Winter Lounge

Turn your living space into a cosy retreat

Over the festive season, your lounge becomes a much-used multifunctional space. Guests will gravitate there with pre-dinner drinks, it becomes a cinema for all those Christmas movies, a family space where presents are unwrapped, and when you’re all full and exhausted, you need a spot to unwind.

But you don’t need to do a major makeover – just make sure the basics are in place and add a few instant wins. Says Kingston-based interior designer and stylist, Becky Hirt: “At Christmas many of us welcome far more people into the home than we do during the rest of the year. Having a stack of floor cushions and a basket full of rugs and throws in the corner of the sitting room will ensure that everyone gets a comfy seat, no matter how many people you’re trying to squeeze in.”

You could also invest in a few statement chairs, or footstools that double as a makeshift seat.

Make sure you have enough places where guests can set their drinks down, too. Nests of tables are handy and don’t have to scream ‘80s throwback’ – opt for a glamorous Art Deco look. You could also use them as bedside tables in the spare room, as and when they are needed.

Think about flooring. A rug can instantly transform the look and feel of your room. Go Scandi with something white and textured, or go for a traditional red for a classic look.

Make sure your TV and media system is up the job so you can enjoy all those Christmas flicks and listen to your party playlist. If it’s time to upgrade, look for neat solutions where everything can be hidden away behind closed doors so you can turn a cinema-focused room into one for entertaining. There’s even the possibility to fit a fireplace underneath for ultimate hygge. (top pic: Brayer Design / interiors: Deborah Beaumont).

If you don’t have a fireplace, now is the time to look at how else you can create a cosy atmosphere. A lamp in a warm tone can create an ambient glow. Candles, or flamefree versions, can add that romantic flickering light. And, of course, the Christmas tree will be the real festive focus – if yours is housed elsewhere in the home, create a twinkling garland for your windowsill or mantelpiece, adorned with fairy lights.