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The Eye: The ‘C’ word

The ‘C’ Word

Monthly Eye column by Lucy Kane, Time & Leisure magazine publisher

It seems the Year Fours have been learning more than their ABCs at school. On a recent Sunday afternoon stroll, my daughter confided ‘There’s an A word, a B word, a D word and an F word’. Without thinking I enquired, ‘What about the C word?’. Pause. ‘What’s the C word Mummy?’ The F word flashed through my mind followed by blind panic. I totally, like, didn’t want to be the parent responsible for the Year Fours being marched to the Head for extending their four-letter vocabulary. ‘Oh, you mean “Crap” Mummy?’ Yes, my darling. Absolutely. Perspiration emoji.  “Crap Mummy”.

We’ve all learnt a new C word this year and unlike other unspeakable C words, it has been the most spoken C word of 2020. Coronavirus hit our lives and communities in 2020 like the wildest disaster movie. Entering our lexicon a little less than 12 months ago, we now barely go a day without hearing or uttering it. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone during the pandemic or has suffered with the effects of the virus. It has been a very difficult time for many, managing the impact on our lives. The Coronavirus will enter the history books and in years to come our children will have distant memories of home schooling and drunk parents.

Our nation embraced lockdowns and set about learning new skills; arts, crafts, bread making, home DIY. Oh and we all learnt a new F word. Furlough. Many us had never heard this word let alone had reason to use it. With all the challenges we’ve faced during the Coronavirus pandemic, I’d be very happy not to hear this devastating C word again.

Sadly, there are some other C words we’re not so keen on hearing. Two years ago, creator of many amusing Eye column musings, famous for the naughty twinkle in his eye, my dad, Tony Kane died of cancer. He fought it bravely, remaining positive throughout, planning art exhibitions and following politics to the end. But it is a cruel and devastating disease as over the months we watched the cancer take hold of him. Like many other families who have lost someone to cancer, there is a giant-sized hole in our family. One that can never be filled, but by talking about our loved ones, particularly at this time of year, we keep our most special memories of them alive.

I have a particular favourite C word that burns my staff’s ears when I utter it. This annual event usually takes place around the longest day of the year. When everyone else is complaining about heat-waves or dreaming of holidays by the beach, my diary is full of festive press days, photo shoots in fake snow and time spent fawning over sparkly slips or snuggly slippers.

My team dread the moment I announce the first C word of the year. They know it’s coming, they’re usually hiding, sweating under their desks, on the hottest day of the year, it’s time to talk turkey. In the words of Noddy Holder “It’s Christmas!”.

Of course the hero C word of 2020 has been Community. During the hardest of times, our amazing community has pulled together, clapping for carers, looking after those in need and abiding by lockdown rules to help protect the vulnerable. Time & Leisure celebrated some of the amazing local heroes in our Community Hero Awards and local businesses generously donated some fabulous prizes to thank them on behalf of all of us.

Now December is here, we can finally indulge in all the very best C words in the English language; open a selection box of Chocolates, turn on some festive Carols, pray we stay out of lockdown long enough to Celebrate our festive day with loved ones, raise a glass of Cheer to absent loved ones, share good will by giving to some amazing local Charities, be thankful for our local Community and most of all, wish you a very Happy Christmas.

Lucy Kane

Time & Leisure Owner/Publisher

Twitter @lucykane



The unmentionable C word. It wasn’t fully discovered until 1998 and is the only organ in the body that exists exclusively for pleasure. Put it on your Christmas list: Becoming Clitorate by Dr. Laurie Mintz.