Hero Syebvonne Nguyen

Local Hero: Syebvonne Nguyen

Local Hero: Syebvonne Nguyen

Nominate Syebvonne Nguyen for a Time & Leisure Hero Award, volunteer for Merton Mutual Aid Group and Community Champions and helping others during the pandemic

Syebvonne Nguyen is a true Community Champion. Early on in the pandemic she realised there would be a shortage of masks and started sewing them for her family and friends. We then saw a urgent need for masks among medical and care home staff. So our community hero Syebvonne, co-founded Community Champions with Nisha Thiru. They have harnessed a group of volunteers who have been exceptionally busy and provided more than 2600 masks and care packages to hospitals and care homes.

Rebecca Cresta, local photographer, said her neighbour Syebvonne deserves to win because she has given so much energy and time to others during the pandemic as well as having a family to look after.

“Syebvonne has such a big heart and will bend over backwards to help people in her community and beyond. I walked by her house at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning and she’d been up until 6.30am sewing masks for the tree. She’s such a remarkable woman.”

As shops start to open and the government announced it is now mandatory to wear face masks on public transport, Syebvonne knew that even more people will need masks, but some cannot afford to buy them.

mask treeWanting to support her local neighbours, she has put up a Mask Tree on her driveway outside her home in Morden. Passersby are welcome to take a free mask from the Mask Tree or there is a suggested donation of £2 donation. The money raised is going towards buying material so Syebvonne and her team can make more masks.

It’s an idea Syebvonne realises there is a need for mask to be freely available everywhere. She has set her sights on making this widespread and hopes her idea will take off so that more people will be inspired to set up Mask Trees in their neighbourhoods and schools.


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If you have time to volunteer or need some help and support contact Merton Mutual Aid Group

020 8944 4149

Find out more about making masks or growing your own Mask Tree

Monetary donations are also accepted via JustGiving