International nurses day

International Nurses Day at New Victoria Hospital

International Nurses Day at New Victoria Hospital

Over the past two years, nurses across the globe have been recognised for their service and stoicism during the pandemic. We’ve praised them, thanked them, and clapped for them, but what’s going on inside the minds of those on the front.

In a revealing expert panel, four nurses with decades of combined experience from New Victoria Hospital discussed how nursing has changed in the last 30 years as well as the challenging but also rewarding aspects of their work. The nurses at New Victoria Hospital regularly obtain high scores with 99-100% of patients rating nursing as good, very good or excellent whilst Doctify patients often quote the nurses looking after them and praising their care.    

Speaking candidly, the panel revealed how one of the biggest changes is the status of all nurses, with the role being more widely recognised and appreciated, bringing with it the need for additional responsibilities and training. The pandemic has given way to a more consolidated approach, with teams from multiple departments working closely together for the best patient outcome, creating a safer environment for everyone. 

Another significant change discussed by the panel in the last 10 years has been the introduction of mandatory pre-operative assessment of patients, which all agreed has had a dramatic impact on the patient’s journey and their ability to make more decisions about their care and treatment. Empowering patients in this manner has been rewarding for the nursing community at New Victoria Hospital, as has the role of the Nurse Practitioners who have the opportunity to work alongside doctors, enjoying greater levels of autonomy. 

When discussing their passion and motivation for the role, there was an overarching sense of wanting to care for patients, families, and each other. Hospital Ward Manager, Denise Loubser, described how it’s the “little moments” that have the largest impact. She said, “Holding someone’s hand when they are genuinely terrified counts more than anything else.”  

Jacqui Smith, Outpatient Manager comments, “It is a great privilege dealing with end-of-life care, never more so than during the terrible pandemic, when the nursing community was truly tested. But even in these dark moments, there were many proud moments, walking the corridors feeling that we could hold our heads high for the level of care we were providing.” 

“The Outpatient Department closed almost overnight, so that the OPD nursing team could work alongside colleagues on the ward.  Every team at NVH without exception did what was required to continue to give high level care.”  

Denise continues, “One joyous moment was when a patient who had suffered a severe stroke came in at the very start of the pandemic and made it their goal that they would walk out of the hospital one day, and he did.” 

Giving a huge nod to International Nurses Day, the panel recognise the efforts of the international nursing community at New Victoria Hospital, many of whom were unable to travel home to see their families throughout the pandemic, but continued to provide exceptional levels of care, despite their own personal circumstances. 

David Marshall, New Victoria Hospital’s Chief Executive said, “I am immensely proud of the way our nursing staff coped during the pandemic and it is extremely heart-warming to listen to their stories. Despite all the challenges facing the healthcare sector in the wake of the pandemic it is rewarding to hear that our hospital values of demonstrating compassion and building community support with integrity is being upheld with unfaltering levels of excellence.” 

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