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IWD Spotlight: Katie Lovatt’s Financial Expertise

IWD Spotlight: Katie Lovatt’s Financial Expertise

Katie Lovatt of Holland, Hahn & Wills shares her story from languages to finance

What is your area of expertise/business specialty?

After completing an honours degree in French & German at The University of Edinburgh, I stumbled across a future in finance, which has been my career ever since. I spent over 15 years of my career at a US based asset management firm, running a wide range of operations, from building up their advisory business, running conferences, establishing an internship program to growing a European team – where my languages came in useful! As many will know, the work / life balance shifts over time, so I now work for a Financial Planning firm in Kingston.

Tell us a bit about your business

Holland Hahn & Wills Financial Planning has been helping people to retire for over 30 years! Located by Kingston Bridge, we work with people to align their life goals with their financial plans.

How did you get into your chosen career and why?

A language degree offers many opportunities, but to be honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do after I left university. I started working for a Technology focused investment bank who had a fledgling German business – exciting, innovative…and ultimately a victim of the tech bubble. I realized I had a talent for organizing events, people and communicating clearly to a variety of people. I am quite good at “getting stuff done” and can sift through the noise.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

Holland Hahn & Wills has a fantastic culture. We have interesting, loyal clients, and much of our business comes from referrals or word of mouth. I love the personal relationships we have with our clients, listening to their stories and encouraging them to embrace new projects on retirement. I enjoy working in the community, collaborating with local lawyers, HR professionals and the Chamber of Commerce. The power of the community means we have a strong offering for people on their doorstep.


2 High St, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames KT1 4DB
020 8943 9229