Kingston residents have a genuine opportunity to shape where they live by giving their views on the vision for the borough.

The first draft of the new Local Plan has been published which contains a vision of what our neighbourhoods could look like in 20 years’ time and will provide guidance for new developments.

Over the next few months communities are being asked if they support the way housing needs will be met, and give their feedback on a range of other issues such as preserving and enhancing the natural and historic environment, providing sustainable transport, ensuring good design, having a thriving economy and vibrant high streets, and responding to the challenges of climate change.

Like many other London boroughs, Kingston needs more affordable homes, as many local people currently cannot afford to rent or buy in the borough. There are around 3,500 households on the housing waiting list and over 900 households living in temporary accommodation. There is also a need for more housing which caters for different needs, including for families, older people and people with disabilities. Improving the ongoing supply of a range of new and affordable homes, in the right places, is a key aim of this plan.

This first draft of the new Local Plan has already been informed by two previous phases of community engagement, in 2019 and 2021, when many people shared their aspirations and ideas for the future of the borough.
Councillor Roger Hayes, Kingston Council’s Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy and Community Engagement, said: “We must make sure this is a Local Plan which meets Kingston’s needs. We cannot achieve our much-needed goals through wishful thinking and hoping that it will somehow all just turn out okay. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas so that we create a compelling 20-year vision of the place we all want to live, work, visit and study in. A place that understands and treasures its history, cares passionately about both its built and natural environment and is confi dent of its future.
“With the help of everyone who loves this area we can shape the future together and ensure that this Local Plan has the lasting effect we all desire.”

The new Local Plan will be used to assess all future planning applications so it’s important communities get involved and have their say on what they want the borough to be like in the future.

A series of online and in-person events will be taking place to support the consultation, which is open until 28 February 2023. To find out more and give your comments visit