If you feel the pandemic has opened your eyes to the benefits of working closer to home, you’re not alone. Do you still need to travel into a city each day? Could a more local, flexible or even smaller base work for you and your business?

According to a 2021 survey, almost half of mid-to-large UK companies are planning to move offices within the next three years, as flexible working is fast becoming the norm, post-Covid. A third of those asked were actively downsizing. But interestingly, the research (by law firm Gowling WLG in collaboration with the British Property Federation) also showed that just 3% would abandon offices altogether. There are many reasons why offices may change their function, but they will still endure.

Offices are becoming

Offices aren’t becoming less important to businesses, but the ways in which we use them are shifting. No longer a default work location for the 9 to 5, workspaces are now becoming hubs and spaces for collaboration. This means offices also need to work harder, acting as smart and multifunctional destinations. Workspaces need to be flexible to allow for collaboration, wellbeing, hot-desking and breakout areas as well as for client meetings when needed.

Wellbeing in offices

With many of us having spent a lot more time in our own spaces over the last two years, coming back into sterile, functional workspaces feel like a step backwards. We’ve all woken up to the fact that the environment around us impacts not only our work, but our wellbeing. Natural light, outdoor spaces, stylish interiors and networking opportunities all contribute towards making work a more positive experience.

Embracing the work/life blend

Rather than a work/life balance, people are increasingly talking about the work/life blend. As part of that, the modern office needs to work with all facets of a person’s life. That’s when additional amenities become important. Dog-friendly spaces, for example, and walkable office locations. Cycling, showering and changing facilities, electric charging points for cars and barista-quality coffee all become essentials rather than nice-to-haves.

Affordability at the fore

Extra office amenities are all well and good, but aren’t the most affordable offices older, less flexible buildings? Not necessarily. Choosing an affordable office space shouldn’t mean putting up with heritage layouts, partition desks and grid ceiling tiles. The new breed of offices, especially post-pandemic, have style, design features and modern living at their heart.

Designed for a hybrid workforce

Re-designed over the last 18 months, The Smith at 145 London Road in Kingston features serviced offices and workspaces created for the new workforce. A newly refurbished flexible workspace centrally located, The Smith offers a variety of ways to get Grade A office space that suits you. Whether you want to have complete control over your workplace or crave simplicity and flexibility, there’s a space that’s perfect for your business.

From just £70 a month, The Smith has a number of workspace options and offices that can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 100 people. There’s something that’s suitable for everyone, from small teams to whole businesses, and leases that are designed to be flexible and SME-friendly. Whether hybrid or office-based, we know what’s not just important but essential to businesses and their workers today.

Based on one of Kingston Upon Thames’ main thoroughfares, The Smith is in an ideal location for commuting and enjoying nearby amenities at lunch and after the working day is over.

To learn more or arrange a tour, contact Boutique @ The Smith on 020 3405 7000 or email or go to