Nature lovers, these are the destinations to add to your bucket list in 2025

Nature lovers, these are the destinations to add to your bucket list in 2025

Do you have the travel bug? If you do, you are probably constantly looking for far-flung places with exotic natural wonders because popular destinations no longer capture your interest. And if you’re like most travel enthusiasts, you don’t want to visit the same place more than once because the world has so much to offer, and you want to grasp everything possible.

As you’re planning your next escape from the city and looking for places that allow you to venture into nature, we’re offering a list of destinations that might not be on the bucket list of the conventional traveller, but you’ll definitely find them worth adding to yours.


For several reasons, Australia is another spot to add to your bucket list if you’re a nature lover. The wildlife is different from everything you’ve seen before, as it includes wombats, platypus, koalas, and kangaroos. Make sure you have time to listen to nature sounds you’ll hear only here. Everyone is impressed by the laughing of the kookaburra, a carnivorous bird you’ll see on Australian postage stamps and coins.

Australia is known worldwide for its kangaroos, and it has an island dedicated to them where you can see them hopping freely. Besides them, you can also spot sea lions and koalas on Kangaroo Island.

During your stay, make sure to also visit the Great Barrier Reef, where you can see up close marine life and snorkel or dive. Take a couple of days to relax and swim with manta rays and coloured fish. Considering that you’ll spend more than a couple of days here, get an eSIM for your Australian travel to be able to communicate with your loved ones at home. You’ll have plenty of subjects to discuss, considering what sights and experiences Australia offers.


Mongolia seems like an empty country with its large deserts and steppes. However, nature lover travellers have always found it charming thanks to its wilderness, stark desert, green mountains and endless steppes. Suppose you have yet to visit this part of the world, consider going to Mongolia. However, be ready to meet relatively few tourists, despite the developing tourism infrastructure of the country. Besides the unique landscape, Mongolia will also offer you the unique opportunity to visit historic cities dating from Chinggis Khan’s times and learn about a unique culture. Some highlights of Mongolia are the Gobi Desert, Mongol Daguur, and Khustain Nuruu National Park.

Birdwatching and wildlife viewing are some of the most popular activities among tourists visiting Mongolia because the country is home to animals like lynxes, wolves, wild horses, gazelles, and over 400 bird species.


Let’s say you are the kind of traveller who prefers colder destinations, so the above suggestions don’t suit you. Alaska could be a better option with its high mountains and natural parks. Make sure to take a couple of days to try the one-day or multi-day hikes in the mountains to have a real taste of the place’s natural beauty. People love the Harding Icefield, Crow Pass in the Chugach Mountains and Hatcher Pass in the Talkeetna Mountains. You can access the Kenai Fjords National Park through the Harding Icefield, where you can watch wildlife like whales, seals, otters, puffins, and glaciers.

Denali National Park is another natural destination in Alaska if you want to get lost on hiking trails in the tundra. While you explore the park, you should see caribou, bears, and other local wildlife. Suppose you’re searching for adrenaline; you could go rafting down the Nenana River.

If you travel to Alaska during the winter, you will most definitely spend the nights watching the Northern Lights.


Here is another place to add to your list if you love cooler places. Regardless of the time of the year when you choose to visit it, Iceland will definitely charm you with its black sand beaches, erupting volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls, and dramatic coastline that seems to never end. Iceland will allow you to connect with nature rawly, considering that the largest portion of the country is still wild.

You will need to rent a car to explore Iceland because you will enjoy the independence of stopping whenever you want to admire the landscape. Iceland is famous for the ring road that was built along the country’s circumference. Expect to see Icelandic horses and other local animals while visiting the place. And similarly to Alaska, you can also see the Northern Lights if you visit Iceland in the winter.

Costa Rica

The travellers who want to celebrate wildlife and nature always add Central and South America to their bucket list because countries like Costa Rica offer them the opportunity to really get in touch with the outdoors. The local authorities in Costa Rica know that the place’s natural landscape and wildlife attract tourists worldwide and prioritise conservation to ensure they protect the natural beauties from destruction. Even the locals understand how important protecting wildlife is because it’s the country’s natural resource that makes a huge part of the economy.

Costa Rica is a dream come true for a traveller searching for a destination rich in wildlife, especially as it has a tropical jungle, cloud forest, and two coastlines. Make sure to add to your itinerary stops in national parks nationwide to see hummingbirds, toucans, howler monkeys, spiders, parrots, and sloths in their natural environment. Costa Rica is also home to endangered turtles, so if you are a turtle lover, you will get the chance to see them breeding and nesting.

Costa Rica also has you covered if you want to relax during your vacation because it has sandy beaches perfect for napping under the palms or taking baths in the sun. If you plan to spend time at the beach, take a book with you, and you’ll definitely get in the mood to read.

And these are our suggestions for destinations to check in 2025 if you are a nature lover.