Centre Court Undergoes Huge Rebrand

Centre Court Undergoes Huge Rebrand

Centre Court Shopping Centre rebrands as part of cutting-edge regeneration.

Centre Court Shopping Centre is officially changing its name to “Wimbledon Quarter” as works near completion to transform the Centre into a local neighbourhood hub . The new Centre will contain exciting new spaces to shop, eat, train, work and more.

The launch of a new ‘Wimbledon Quarter’ brand signals the completion of works to reposition Centre Court Shopping Centre and reflect the centre’s commitment to the rich heritage and vibrant future of the local area. This transformative move is a key component of the comprehensive renovation started in 2021 by new owners Romulus. These works are aimed at revitalising the heart of Wimbledon town centre and will offer a diverse mix of uses with a compelling lineup of both new and familiar occupiers.

The new Wimbledon Quarter will feature community spaces that encourage social interactions, events and gatherings. These spaces include the new Courtyard set under a retractable roof offering a place to stop, to sit and to meet.  Connections between the Broadway and residents are set to improve by introducing a new main entrance on Queens Road.

Wimbledon Quarter is also proud to welcome an array of exciting new occupiers. These include Third Space, Boardroom Climbing, The Golf Groove, Huddle and the recently announced additions of Mildreds and Picnic and Play, with more to come as the centre continues to evolve.

Environmentally friendly initiatives are at the heart of the new centre and include energy-efficient lighting, recycling and composting programs, natural ventilation, removal of gas boilers and even a roof-top farm.

“We are thrilled to unveil the Wimbledon Quarter. We believe that reinvention reflects the opening up of an enclosed Shopping Mall to become part of the town centre. The new brand represents our commitment to creating a space that reflects Wimbledon, embracing the local community and providing opportunities for everyone to connect, engage, and thrive,” said Alexander Woolf, Romulus COO.

The works at the Wimbledon Quarter will complete in late Autumn. The new centre will offer a dynamic and inclusive environment where residents and local businesses can find spaces to explore and inspire.

For more information about Wimbledon Quarter and the latest updates on the program of works, please visit or follow @wimbledonquarter.