Dealing With Change

Dealing With Change

By James Lurie from Holland Hahn & Wills

As a financial planner, I spend a good deal of time talking with my clients about and helping them adapt to change, mainly around retirement but also advising after a divorce / separation or bereavement. However, as I have personally discovered recently, it’s one thing talking about other people’s changes, but when it’s personal to you, it’s another matter altogether!

I must confess that I have never liked that word, ‘retirement.’ It feels like ‘the end’ and nowadays when we have better health and live so much longer, perhaps it should be called ‘life after work’ instead?

Fortunately, for me (and our clients) at least, I have our whitepaper ‘The Psychology of Retirement’ to fall back on. I wrote this at the beginning of the pandemic, and it reminds me to fi nd interests outside of work. Indeed I have already started my quest to learn a second language (I still play golf).

I have of course created my own financial plan, and I am fortunate that at Holland Hahn & Wills Financial Planning (HHW) we have access to some great planning. This has been vital for me to come to terms with feeling comfortable about my financial situation.

Considering change means tackling uncertainty, but this also means possibilities and opportunities, and really it should be embraced rather than feared.

If you have worries or uncertainties about your future, if changes are coming and you’ve not sure how to deal with them, why not contact me. I would be delighted to help. At HHW it’s what we do!

To receive a copy of our whitepaper on retirement or any of our other publications, please do get in touch.

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