Urban farm has educated the local community for over 40 years, bringing joy to countless faces. Now the charity is in crisis and needs our help.

Generations of children, parents and grandparents have fond memories of visiting since it was established in 1978. The farm teaches the local community about the rural environment and animal husbandry, relying upon donations from visitors and the local community to help carry out their work.

Earlier in the year, the farm experienced some major problems with their power supply. The good news is they managed to make temporary repairs, so were able to reopen in January, but there are still many issues with their electrical supply.

It is now confirmed that to fix these problems they will need to replace about 150 metres of electric cabling which was installed almost 30 years ago. Replacing this cable, along with digging a trench to lay it and updating control boards, comes with a hefty price of approximately £50,000.

Thanks to the generosity of members of the local community, they have managed to raise £23,000 towards this project, but still have considerable shortfall. While they’re exploring avenues for additional support including the power supplier, it is anticipated that the bulk of the expense will fall on the farm.

It’s challenging to face such an unexpected hefty financial bill, especially amidst other pressing needs like rising operational costs and necessary security upgrades for their farm perimeter. Your continued support is crucial in helping them overcome these challenges and enabling the smooth functioning of the farm.

If you can help them out by donating, it will allow them to get the farm back to its full capacity by mending their electrical problems, as well as letting them complete many other urgent projects and ensure that they continue to welcome their visitors back to the farm every day.

The farm has been a major source of joy and fun for local families and visitors for many decades, and continually provides essential education on the local environment and animal husbandry. They are a registered charity (no. 1008028) based in the heart of Merton, and rely upon donations to keep the farm running.

If you’re able to contribute, no matter the amount, your donation would make a meaningful difference. You can donate through their Just Giving page found HERE