seanhanna’s Sports Day Tradition at Nonsuch Park

Family, Fun, and Fierce Competition

seanhanna’s Sports Day Tradition at Nonsuch Park

Managing Director Tomm Bucknell and Colour Director Lloyd Court bought the energy to Nonsuch Park this Summer with a lively company sports day, uniting hair salons from Sutton, Worcester Park, Wimbledon, and Cambridge.

Families and kids were warmly welcomed, creating a perfect setting for a picnic and activities suitable for all ages. Teams eagerly engaged in races, Tug of War and Rounders, with many little ones emerging as the day’s champions.

It was a fantastic day of team building and family bonding, with many employees celebrating long-standing relationships among the groups. As the event wrapped up a sense of unity and positivity filled the air that beautifully reflected the group’s devotion to their team and their shared excitement for the road ahead.