How to give your home the new-build feel

How to give your home the new-build feel

There’s nothing like the excitement of moving into a new property, not least one that has just been built. Fresh from the developers, with perfect paint and modern fittings, these homes look, feel, and even smell fantastic. But for many of us, the idea of moving is not looking too attractive right now. So what can you do to make your own house feel like new? With these simple tips, your home will look like a new-build, and you can keep your current mortgage rate too!

Bathroom Fixes

What does a new-build home have that a lived-in one doesn’t? Well among other things the bathroom will have clean grouting, fresh sealant, and shiny taps. The paint won’t have signs of mould and mildew, and the shower doors will be squeaky clean. The good news is you can transform your bathroom at very little cost. Start by removing the sealant around your shower, bath, and sink and applying a completely new layer. This is a simple procedure that anyone can do. Then get out the white wine vinegar and scrub those taps and shower screen until they are good as new. Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas. Next, it’s time to clean up the grout. Again an old toothbrush and a bit of bleach will work wonders here, but a grout touch-up pen will really bring it back to life. Decorating your bathroom is an obvious way to lift it, but treat any mouldy areas first. Use mould and mildew prevention paint to stop it building up in the future.

Opening things up

The difference between most new-build homes and older properties, especially those built before the 1970s, is the layout. New-builds tend to have an open living plan, with a kitchen diner that joins up with the garden. For those looking to achieve this look in an older property, it can be an incredibly costly renovation, especially if you need to knock down walls or add an extension to your house. But done carefully, the cost of renovation is typically below the cost of moving, when you’ve factored in estate agent fees and conveyancing. Only appoint professionals to do the bits you can’t do yourself. Laying new flooring,  painting and even a spot of plastering is easier than you think, and will slash £££s from the final bill. An open-plan kitchen is also the perfect place for entertaining.

Upgrade sockets and switches

Changing all your plug sockets to modern options with USB chargers will make your house look newer, whilst also adding excellent functionality. These plug sockets are much cheaper than you think. Just one in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room will see less jostling among the family for charging spaces. While you’re at it, upgrading your light switches to modern ones will give your house a new-build feel, even if it doesn’t add any practical benefits. Choose from striking dark, brass, or brushed metal sockets and switches, but keep it consistent throughout.

Neutral walls and statement art

One of the most noticeable things in a new build is high-quality decorating and neutral colour schemes. Choose a simple palette such as whites, greys, or even the latest trend: beige. Finish things off with some trendy sustainable art to add your own character. A new piece of art can really freshen up a space that you’ve become too familiar with, giving your home even more of a ‘new  place’ vibe

It’s all in the (woodwork) detail

Every lived-in house boasts telltale signs on the internal woodwork. From scuffs on the skirting to chips on the architraves and smudgy fingerprints on the doors. Taking the time to fill, sand, prime, and finally gloss your internal woodwork will lift your home immensely. Clean, scuff, and chip-free woodwork is one of the standout features of any new-build property. If you do it well, with quality paint and primer, it should last for many years. Keep the top coat paint close to hand, so you can touch up any new scuffs and chips if and when they do occur.

These simple, and mostly low-cost, decor and home tips can transform your house from a lived-in space to a new-looking pad. Now might not be the right time to move, but with these hacks, you can achieve that new-home feel right where you are.