Analysing Jet2’s On-Time Performance Compared to Other European Carriers

Analysing Jet2’s On-Time Performance Compared to Other European Carriers is a British airline that offers low-cost flights within and from the United Kingdom. It’s the third biggest airline in the UK, after EasyJet and British Airways.

Jet2, known for its punctuality, still encounters delays and cancellations. From January 1 to June 30, 2023, out of 41,716 flights:

  • 24.25% experienced delays.
  • Only 0.02% were cancelled.

Analysing Jet2’s on-time performance helps plan trips more effectively.

Statistical Analysis

Jet2 Flight Interruption Data (2023-2024)

Year All Disrupted Flights cancelled Flights Delayed Flights
2023 120 11 109
2024 902 65 837

The data below presents an analysis of how timely the Jet2 flights have been (from January 18, 2024, to April 14, 2024)

There were a total of 382 flights. Out of these:

  • 342 flights (90%) were on time.
  • 20 flights (5%) had moderate delays.
  • 15 flights (4%) had significant delays.
  • 4 flights (1%) had major delays.
  • 1 flight (0%) was cancelled.
  • None of the flights were diverted

The average delay across all flights was 5 minutes.

Changes in Delays and Cancellations Depending on the Season

Generally, there’s a very low chance (only 0.067%) that your Jet2 flight will be cancelled. Jet2 is known for rarely cancelling flights, especially during busy travel times like summer. In July and August 2022, they didn’t cancel any flights, and the same was true for May 2023. So, if you don’t want to worry about your flight being cancelled, Jet2 is a good choice.

However, there’s a higher chance (26.08%) that your Jet2 flight might be delayed. To put it simply, less than 1 out of 1000 Jet2 flights get cancelled, but between 2 and 3 out of every 10 flights get delayed.

Airports and Routes Where Jet2 Flights Often Get Cancelled or Delayed

In August 2023, there was a big problem with air traffic control in the UK, causing more Jet2 flights to be cancelled than usual. Between August 28 and 29, over 15 flights were cancelled, which is a big jump from the 83 flights cancelled in the first 6 months of 2023.

The airports most affected by these air traffic control problems were Manchester and Leeds. The impact on Jet2 passengers was considerable, given that even though it is a small airport, Jet2 is based in Leeds and operates many flights from there. Multiple Jet2 flights headed to Crete, Ibiza, and Majorca have been cancelled.

Also, at the end of July and beginning of August 2023, Jet2 had to cancel all flights to Catania Airport in Sicily because of a fire. Even though this was a rare incident, it’s important to know that Jet2 flights can be cancelled for various reasons, not all of which are the airline’s fault. Remember to claim your Jet2 flight delay compensation if one of your Jet2 flights has been cancelled or delayed.

Comparative Analysis with Other European Carriers (2024)

On-time Last-minute cancellation Customer score
Jet2 68% 0,5% 81%
Swiss 70% 1,5% 71%
Air France 71% 0,9% 65%
EasyJet 60% 2% 59%
British Airways 61% 3,3% 56%

For the third year running, Jet2 has been ranked as the best short-haul airline. They got the top spot with a great score from customers – 81%. People really liked their service, giving them five stars for it.

Most passengers had a smooth time flying with Jet2. 80% said they had no problems at all. And even if there was a delay, 84% said the staff were helpful.

Jet2 also doesn’t cancel flights often at the last minute. CAA data shows that a mere 0.5% of their flights are subject to sudden cancellations, marking one of the lowest rates among all airlines.

Factors Impacting On-Time Performance

Things that affect Jet2 flights being on time:

  • Bad weather makes flying, taking off, or landing unsafe.
  • Strikes by Jet2 staff or essential groups like ground crews, baggage handlers, and air traffic control.
  • Problems with the planes, like mechanical issues or maintenance.

Jet2 Competitive Positioning Within the European Market

Jet2 faces competition from other companies in the leisure travel industry. Some of them are Ryanair, EasyJet, British Airways, and TUI Airways. These airlines offer similar holiday flights across Europe, making it tough for Jet2.

Knowing the competition is vital for Jet2 to stay ahead. They stand out by focusing on good customer service. They work hard to make every step of the journey, from booking to after the flight, a great experience. This sets them apart and builds a positive reputation.

Jet2 also targets budget travellers by keeping prices competitive. This strategy attracts people who want affordable travel without sacrificing quality. By offering cheap and reliable flights, they’ve built a loyal customer base.


Looking ahead, Jet2 seems poised for continued success in the airline industry. Jet2 is well-positioned to maintain its strong performance metrics with its focus on customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and an expanding route network. Despite occasional challenges like delays and luggage issues, Jet2’s overall reputation remains positive, bolstered by thousands of satisfied customers. By addressing any shortcomings and consistently delivering quality service, Jet2 can further solidify its position as a leading budget airline in the UK and Europe. As long as it continues to prioritise customer needs and adapt to changing market demands, Jet2’s future outlook appears promising.