Discover a world of emotions with MSC Cruises

Discover a world of emotions with MSC Cruises

Exclusivity and confidentiality in a world of opportunities

The world of cruises is one of excitement, wonder and opportunity, where you can find yourself transported on the waters of luxury to destinations far and wide. With excellent luxury cruises you can put together a holiday tailored especially for you, where every need is met and memories are made to last a lifetime.

MSC Cruises, one of the world’s leading cruise operators, provides truly unforgettable travel experiences paired with refined and elegant accommodation and attentive service. From the timeless design of their ships to the gorgeous locations they offer, everything is tailored to give you a holiday experience like no other.

Discover the height of luxury accommodation with MSC Yacht Club. Immerse yourself in lavish and elegant suites curated with the finest attention to detail, including Myform Memory and Egyptian cotton bedding, marble bathrooms and minibars. You can choose from a variety of options: Interior Suites, Executive and Family Suites, Deluxe Suites, Duplex Suites, Royal Suites and the Owner’s Suite.

Aboard MSC Cruises with MSC Yacht Club, you can expect unparalleled views from your private balcony, along with dedicated staff who will cater to your every need. This includes a 24-hour butler service, room service, concierge and gourmet dining services in the MSC Yacht Club restaurant. Also discover a panoramic Top Sail Lounge with a bar, afternoon tea service and light food selection 20 hours per day.

The attentive butlers aboard the MSC Yacht Club will ensure your entire journey runs smoothly, with personalised recommendations, shoeshine services and 3am treats. You can experience the height of personal luxury with this service.

With these cruise deals, the MSC Yacht Club provides a private lounge, priority check-in and seamless on-boarding and off-boarding. One of the chief delights is a dedicated sun deck, complete with a pool, whirlpool and solarium. You can also organise a tailored shopping session and private excursions from your ship. The trip is also a delightful journey for your taste buds: with delicious gourmet delights prepared by world-class chefs and five-star service that keeps your taste buds happy.

This fabulous and exclusive experience can be enjoyed on the way to an abundance of wonderful and jaw-dropping destinations, from the fjords of Northern Europe to the beachy paradise of the Caribbean. Read on for just a taste of the destinations you can experience…


With MSC Cruises’ Northern European destinations, you can discover the gorgeous wonders of the British and Scandinavian coastlines and the Baltic States. With visits to the bustling and fascinating cities of Copenhagen, Tallinn or Hamburg, you can experience a holiday immersed in culture and history. Or there is the scenic, peaceful beauty of the fjords and the coastal hamlets. With these cruises, you can experience the full scope of Northern Europe’s offerings.


Hop aboard Mediterranean MSC Cruises to explore the glittering, sun-kissed gems of Spanish, French, Greek and Italian coasts. Enjoy days dipping your toes in idyllic waters and nights sampling the delicious delights of Mediterranean cuisine. Aboard the Western Mediterranean cruises, you can traverse the ports of Valencia, Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Marseilles, Cannes and more. An Eastern Mediterranean cruise will take you to the unparalleled sights of Venice, Split, Dubrovnik, Istanbul and Santorini to wander down busting streets.


Coral reefs and breath-taking bays await you on the MSC Caribbean cruises, where white sandy beaches transport you to a tropical paradise. Discover the beauty of the Bahamas or explore Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Aboard a Southern Caribbean cruise you can explore the fascinating islands of St Lucia and Barbados, and even further to Trinidad and Tobago. MSC Cruises even have their own private Caribbean island you can visit: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, a stunning island in the Western Bahamas specially curated to give guests the ultimate exclusive Caribbean experience.


Explore a world of glamour and nightlife on MSC Emirates cruises. You can discover sprawling cityscapes filled with restaurants and malls that will never fail to keep you busy. In Dubai you can experience the Desert Dune Adventure: a rollercoaster ride over gorgeous sandy dunes and sparkling city lights. In Abu Dhabi you can head to the Ferrari World Theme Park for endless adventures, and the Abu Dhabi Louvre to explore twelve galleries. You’re guaranteed to never grow bored on the Emirates cruises, with the unique mixture of beautiful beaches and thrilling attractions.

Jump aboard MSC Cruises to discover the wonders of the world across the ocean. Experience the ultimate luxury cruises, where comfort and attentive service meet elegance, beauty and gorgeous destinations. Allow yourself to be transported to a world of discovery, in style and ease, where your every need is met with a smile.