Immersive Cocktail Experience

Immersive Cocktail Experience

Unforgettable nights of mystery and magic at Purgatory Bar

Located in the bustling centre of Victoria, London, Purgatory Bar is a sight to behold. It skilfully combines the mysterious enchantment of purgatory with the craft of mixology. Purgatory Bar was recognized at the London Venue and Catering Awards 2023 as the Most Unique Venue. Inspired by the avant-garde Gaudí and Gothic architecture, the bar’s distinctive interior design provides a captivating environment. Comfortable seating allows customers to enjoy the ambiance and well-made beverages. From the ceiling to the flooring, every little element has been carefully planned to transform a standard space into an amazing spot.

Purgatory Bar is a brand of No Escape London, which was recently featured in week three of BBC The Apprentice. Through this relationship, a unique location is created where guests can easily move from the exciting world of escape rooms to the enchanted ambiance of Purgatory Bar. No Escape has seven award-winning escape rooms across London and it’s the largest immersive escape room company in Greater London. The escape room that shares venue with Purgatory Bar is The Gates of Hell, a game for two to six players with difficulty five out of five. The game story is tied with the purgatory theme and the goal is to seal the Gates of Hell to prevent demons descending upon Earth and wreaking havoc!

At Purgatory, guests are taken on an enchanted drink voyage, led by a carefully curated assortment. Each drink resonates with the purgatorial concept and tells a compelling tale. Purgatory’s take on the Old Fashioned is among their most amazing cocktails. The drink is served in a captivating dome cloche that reveals a swirl of alluring smoke that adds a magical touch to this already exquisite cocktail.

Another uniquely presented cocktail is Purgatory’s Devour Sour- a wicked twist on the classic New York Sour. A syringe filled with red wine is artfully presented, injecting a remarkable flavour and engaging twist as it spills over the beverage, creating a truly captivating experience.

These specialty cocktails, created by experts in the field, are more than just beverages; they’re like new adventures calling you into a world of taste and style. And don’t forget to try their Fallen Angel- a popular cocktail that features a whimsical bubble that is beautifully made with a bubble gun. It’s a concept that makes everyone excited to pop the bubble and savour the flavours.

The bar is a great place to go for a variety of events because of its distinctive style and central location in Victoria London. Purgatory Bar is an intriguing spot for a special occasion such as birthday celebrations, date nights, or even a wedding party; it has repeatedly demonstrated to be a flexible and remarkable choice.

Holiday decor frequently surprises guests on holidays and special occasions, showing the bar’s flexibility. Purgatory Bar embraces life and provides its customers with unforgettable events, like a Halloween extravaganza and a Valentine’s Day photo booth.

“Our passion at Purgatory Bar is to craft not just cocktails but experiences. We love curating diverse decors and theme parties to delight our guests.” – Darrell Johnston, Owner of Purgatory Bar.

To find this extraordinary venue, head to 13 Cambridge Street, London, near Victoria Station. Purgatory Bar is not just a place; it’s an experience that deserves your attention.