Reasons Why You Are So Slow At Writing Essays

Reasons Why You Are So Slow At Writing Essays

Students are rarely enthusiastic about essay writing. These assignments take too much of their time. Luckily, you can use these tips to write papers faster and easier.

Many students tend to struggle with their essay writing. Indeed, it is not an easy task to perform. Academic writing comes with many requirements and instructions every student must follow. On top of that, students must have some talent or passion for writing, be well-educated in the subject and topic of the discussion and have appropriate research, writing, and editing skills. Altogether it becomes quite a handful.

No wonder most students are often slow with completing their writing assignments. It takes them a lot of time and convincing even to start the work. However, once they are on it, procrastination and slugging suddenly take over their entire process. But why does it happen exactly? Let’s analyze the top reasons why you may be so slow when writing an essay and how you can fix that. Here’s what you need to know.


Lack of Familiarity with the Topic

Being well-educated and aware of your writing’s subject is the first thing you need to write at a decent pace. Indeed, lacking information about your topic leads to reduced confidence in positive results. In its turn, these negative feelings result in procrastination and being overwhelmed with the complexity of the assignment. You don’t want any of that, do you?

Fortunately, you can easily overcome such an obstacle by embracing the need for extensive research. Try to fully understand the concepts you are writing about. Write only when you have complete data and comprehension of the subject.



Striving for perfection in every sentence or paragraph can lead to overthinking and constant revisions. While producing high-quality work is important, getting caught up in perfecting minor details can hinder your progress. To address this, consider adopting a “rough draft first” approach. Write freely without worrying about perfection, focusing on getting your ideas on paper. You will revise and polish your work when rereading your completed drafts later. Your other option will be going to WritePaperForMe for a perfect essay. They will deliver what you want while you can rest and relax.


Writer’s Block

Writer’s block occurs when you’re unable to come up with ideas or content for your essay. Overcoming this challenge can be time-consuming and frustrating. Try techniques like freewriting to combat writer’s block, where you write whatever comes to mind without judgment. Another approach is to step away from your writing and engage in a different activity to sift your focus and refresh your mind.


Lack of Confidence

Confidence plays a significant role in how quickly and effectively you write. If you doubt your writing abilities, you might constantly second-guess yourself and spend excessive time rephrasing sentences or searching for the perfect word. This can slow down your writing process and hinder your overall productivity. To overcome this, focus on building your writing confidence through consistent practice. Set aside time for regular writing sessions, and remind yourself that first drafts don’t need to be perfect. Embrace the editing and revision process as a way to refine your work.


Perceived Time Pressure

Feeling rushed or pressured to complete an essay within a specific timeframe can paradoxically cause you to slow down. When you’re overly conscious of time constraints, you might become anxious and struggle to focus, hindering your writing flow. To address this, manage your time effectively. Break down your writing process into smaller tasks and allocate specific time slots. This can help you feel more in control and reduce the pressure you put on yourself.


Fatigue or Burnout

Writing requires a lot of mental energy and focus. You must generate ideas, dive into your creative side, and focus on the substance while making everything pretty and coherent. So the fact of a long writing process shouldn’t be a complete surprise. Chances are, you are already quite tired and drained from school. Put essay writing on top of that, and you get a slow writing process packed with breaks and self-doubts.

It’s best to seek help with paper online or among peers at times like this. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Getting assistance or a second opinion might relieve some pressure and give you valuable insights. Meanwhile, you better take a good rest, let your eyes and mind focus on something other than a screen and words, and do something fun.


Editing While Writing

Editing while writing, also known as overediting, is a common pitfall that can significantly slow down your essay writing process. This practice involves constantly revising and perfecting sentences and paragraphs as you write instead of allowing your ideas to flow freely first. While editing is an important part of the writing process, doing it simultaneously with drafting can disrupt your creative flow and hinder your overall productivity.


Final Thoughts

Students need to understand the reason for their slow writing to address and overcome those issues. To see the reason for your slow work, try to focus on this particular aspect of writing more. Overcoming those factors takes working on psychological factors as well as improving your writing and editing skills.

However, if you plan your time wisely and build enough confidence, your writing process will go faster than you can imagine. Meanwhile, these effective strategies will help you become a more efficient and practical essay writer. Good luck!