Surbiton High School: Nurturing Individuality, Fostering Excellence

Surbiton High School: Nurturing Individuality, Fostering Excellence

When you step into Surbiton High School, you immediately sense a vibrant atmosphere that brims with enthusiasm and a genuine passion for learning. Nestled in the leafy suburb of Surbiton, Surbiton High is an independent academic HMC and IAPS School that stands as a beacon of educational excellence, offering single-sex education across three distinct schools: Surbiton High Boys’ Preparatory School, Surbiton High Girls’ Preparatory School, and Surbiton High Senior School catering to pupils from ages 4 to 18.

Founded in 1884, Surbiton High School boasts a rich heritage in providing excellent education. This year, Surbiton High School was rated ‘Excellent’ in ALL areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence and the outstanding educational experience on offer throughout the School.


Empowerment Through Education

Surbiton High School’s mission is clear: to inspire, encourage, and empower its pupils. This is achieved through a dynamic, innovative curriculum and an extensive range of co-curricular opportunities. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to pupil well-being, ensuring that pupils not only excel academically but also develop into compassionate, respectful, courageous, and inquisitive members of the community. Our  values ensure pupils leave grounded, well-rounded individuals who understand their place and purpose and exemplify the school motto ‘May love always lead us’. Pupils also leave us fully prepared for their next steps of education.


Surbiton High Boys’ Preparatory School

The Boys’ Prep School has an excellent record of academic achievement which is achieved through exemplary curriculum from Reception through to Year 6 with a focus on the 11+ preparation and transition. There is great emphasis on nurturing individuality, promoting creativity, and fostering a sense of ownership in learning. Their commitment to values like respect, resilience, and responsibility permeates all aspects of school life, creating a warm and welcoming community where pupils thrive in academics, sports, and diverse cultural experiences. 11+ preparation is second to none and as pupils prepare for their future, the School instils confidence, a sense of purpose, and the readiness to tackle life’s challenges.


Surbiton High Girls’ Preparatory School

Surbiton High Girls’ Prep School is a vibrant hub of discovery, creativity, and academic excellence, where a lifelong love for learning takes centre stage. The School is dedicated to nurturing not only the intellectual growth of its girls but also their self-esteem, confidence, resilience, and tenacity, preparing them for any challenges ahead.

The staff, committed to continual learning, deliver a dynamic curriculum blending traditional pedagogy with innovative methods. With high expectations and unwavering support, the school empowers each girl to excel academically and discover her unique strengths and passions, whether in academics, sports, the arts, or leadership.


Surbiton High Girls’ Senior School

The Senior School fosters a deep love for learning, preparing pupils not only for academic success but also for life’s challenges. Going beyond the A*, the School offers a diverse and innovative curriculum, nurturing character development and overall happiness. Pupils are authentic individuals with strong values, poised to make a positive impact on the world. The staff inspire and challenge pupils across various disciplines, encouraging them to explore ideas independently. Whether in the classroom, through the arts, sports, entrepreneurship, or charitable efforts, pupils are empowered to connect with the wider world with confidence, self-belief, and a can-do attitude.

In 2023, 88% of GCSE grades were at 9 to 7 and every subject achieved over 70% of all grades at grades 9 to 7. A-level students also celebrated excellent results with over 25% of grades at A*, over 90% of grades A* to B and over 86% of students achieving their first choice at university!

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